Mar 3, 2013

Feeling Flirtatious

I have always loved Maybelline mascara. I adore all of the different choices the brand gives gals for their lashes.

 Everything from wild to mild.

Their Volume Express line has so many options, I finally decided to try  "The Falsies"

This is meant to give the effect of wearing false lashes supposedly due to it's unique "spoon" brush.


Here's the scoop...I was really impressed! I honestly never used false lashes before,except to have a few individual lash extensions added for a birthday party.

The trick really is in the brush. Upclose, it grabs those lashes,separates them, and almost pushes them upward for length and volume. I especially loved what it did for my tiny bottom lashes.

This does apply a bit wet, so allow a few seconds to dry. I only needed one coat for it to work its magic!
 I would defiantly buy this again! 

Flirt worthy!

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