Mar 23, 2013

Moving On

As I look around my suddenly bare home, I realize that this is my very last weekend in Seattle.

It's hard to imagine after 7 years that I will be saying goodbye in just a few short days.

I have had a love hate relationship with this town,but mostly it has been love. I adore the greenery (which comes from all of the rain), I still am amazed by the site of the water,I am thrilled every time I see a bald eagle ,and still get excited to see the space needle,and Pike's Market. I love the music venues here,and the friends I have made through my love of certain bands and my trance family.

I will greatly miss my dear friends that I have still kept in touch with from Alltel,and I will miss the towering buildings of downtown Bellevue and the cool vibe of the shopping centers and local restaurants that became my favorite hang outs.

My home is filled with boxes against the wall, but my heart is filled with memories.

 My first Seahawks game,my visit to the Point Defiance Zoo, the U2 concert at the then Qwest Field,my very first concert here, Pearl Jam at the Gorge, seeing Depeche Mode at the Key,ah, so many things.

I will be returning to my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico later this week,and re-discovering why they call it the "land of enchantment." I will be on the road for a few days,but will check in when I have access to internet/wi-fi and will have my smartphone with me.

I am looking forward to meeting again with family and old friends.

My Grandmother hated to say goodbye,and so, I will not do so either;instead, I shall say "so long" as I hope to return now and then for a visit or two from time to time.

BellevueGrl will continue to be a fashion and beauty blog,just maybe from a different locale (should that be "BosqueGrl", Lol!) but I will still keep it updated with currant trends,etc.

Please feel free to keep in touch,as I will still have my twitter,email,and facebook,and those of you who know me,don't be strangers!

 We are still looking at the same sky.

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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