Oct 30, 2009

BellevueGrl Goes FanGirl

Just returned from Vancouver,BC from the U2 concert. Vancouver is a beautiful city,clean, people are friendly and it is amazingly modern downtown. Some of the most fabulous shops can be found there. I spotted a Burberry store,a St Johns,and a Max Mara (!) Now, these people know how to shop. also spotted ..Gucci
It was way too cold for my trip and the fashion of the day was mostly jeans,knee high boots and rugged jackets on the street.Saw some really nice North face gear out there,and there is a cool North face store downtown as well.
Special mention to the folks over at the Edgewater Casino for being so nice and letting us inside to warm up and serve us poor frozen fans coffee while we thawed our toes.....
U2 was incredible..This concert was so different from the past. Probably the most inter-active experience that I have ever had. It was as if they were playing just for us, not the typical "rock star" experience. I walked away with the feeling that U2 really cared about their fans and wanted to give them a more intimate look at themselves than ever before. The stage,the entire show was built around getting closer to the audience,and they succeeded in making it memorable.
This is a concert,that if you are lucky enough to get to see,may want to see twice. It was worth waiting five hours in the cold to get to be part of the inner circle. Bono was three inches in front of me.It was an experience that I will not forget,and I will be in the audience when they come back to Seattle again in June 2010
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

Oct 21, 2009

Penguins And Snowflakes And Glitter Oh My!!!!

The new Coach Holiday Collection is here,and I have to say that I am liking it very much.Some of the most "glam" collections that I have seen so far,without being tacky.
The new key rings are adorable,from pave penguins,to hearts,to a pave snowflake key ring that is definitely going to be on my favorites list this year.
The new jewelry is awesome too.I have my eye on a particular star ring to add to my collection.There are also new handbags added,glittery clutches for your holiday parties.Just right to add that festive touch without going overboard on the sparkle and shine.
Make yourself the "star" this holiday season!!!!
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

Oct 16, 2009

Icons-Coming Up Short

What happens when a company chooses to sacrifice quality in order to appeal to a younger generation?
Often,they miss the point of what actually made them an icon in the first place.
Two Examples- Estee Lauder
One of my favorite fragrances used to be Estee Lauder's Private Collection.Once a scent worn by non other than Grace Kelly herself. This used to be kept hush hush and when you went into a store and  asked for Private Collection,the sales rep would have to pull it from their secret stash under the counter. Today, the classic scent has been redesigned to appeal to the masses. Now, while the newer version is packaged very nicely,it is nowhere near the classic scent that I knew and loved. I still long for the orange blossom original .a "turn your head" kind of scent that had people asking wherever I went what I was wearing.It was light,just right,and lasted all day,paired with the body lotion it left you feeling sensual. Estee Lauder has lost my business by replacing their classic scents with lighter cheaper versions. I've long since headed back over to the Chanel counter.

Coach-Uh Oh!!! I'm going to say it.... Coach is not the same!!!
While I still love the brand,coach has changed from it's classic original leather goods substituting fabric for the inside of it's bags and "gasp" plastic on the outside of some of it's bags,cheap stitching and simple metal instead of it's brass finish clasps and zippers,and suede leather interiors.
I still remember purchasing my very first Coach bag.Every young woman knew that owning a coach bag was not only a status symbol,but a lasting quality made piece. In my day only Dillard's carried Coach.The smell of real leather,the suppleness,there were so many to choose from.My purchase was what is now long gone,the original Christie Bag. A little shoulder bag in green leather,with a brass clasp. Those bags were meant to last a lifetime and age like a well worn saddle (leather that made Coach famous originally)
To this day, I still have that bag. I also have a much loved and worn-out black leather tote bag.had it not been for a hole that had worn through the bottom of the bag, I would still be carrying it today.
Today's bags are made of fabric with very little leather,or you will see a pebble grain leather. the fabric used on the inside can tear,get dirty (ink,coffee spills,etc)or worse,rot with time.
I can say with pride that both of my Coach bags,the "original classic leather" are well over ten years old . I have since purchased one of the newer styles,a Madison,but I miss the old quality. Not having to worry because my bag was waterproof. Today's bags are not. wish the classic had stayed just that.

Do you have any classic pieces that have changed in your wardrobe? Care to share? Write me here.
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

Oct 6, 2009

A Taste Of Paris

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday morning is to sit outside on the patio (weather permitting)  with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or two and a cinnamon roll,or croissant....enter "The French Bakery"
You'll think you're in Paris. This place has it all. Everything from baguettes to yummy filled croissants (try the chocolate),to quiche,and white chocolate raspberry mousse.
The pasteries are baked fresh every morning often before seven am,and the smell will  lure you in.
Everything from eclairs to pear tarts and cheesecake are artfully displayed in a little case.....it's hard to chose just one.
Where can you find such decadance? right here in Bellevue. There are two locations one at Crossroads Mall,and the other in downtown Kirkland.
Make it a point to stop in,it's worth it
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts