Nov 29, 2010

Lovely Blog Award Part II

Just a quick not of thanks to beautydiva for an additional lovely blog award. This is such a sweet idea. If you know of any other bloggers that deserve this award, please send this out to them. This is a great way of spreading the word, and good cheer to those of us that blog about beauty and fashion. It will make you smile,and make someone elses day.

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Nov 27, 2010

Creating A Storm

I don't usually do step-by-step tutorials on my blog, but thought that I would try, just this once to see how it looked. I want to keep my blog fresh, with new ideas, and try hard not to copy other peoples if this looks bad, we will just chalk it up to an "oops" moment and go on.

I decided to play with Cargo Lumiere's Du Mode, a beautiful holiday palette that includes some glittery shades of eyeshadow,and a blush/bronzer combination. These shadows are perfect for creating what I like to call "The Stormy Eye" since this uses color instead of the usual black or gray shades.
For my look, I used the teal blue and ice white shades pictured here,and a hint of silver gray shadow to blend it out ,along with just a little bit of shimmery pink eyeshadow along the outer corners of the eye. (NYX)

First, I used a bit of primer on clean eyes, then using a large fluffy brush, I swept the ice white shadow across my lid, I then used a smaller brush to add color,using the teal blue shade. This showed really glittery in the palette, but went on like a matte.  

I then used just a hint of soft gray shadow in the crease, and lightly brushed on a bit to pink shadow to highlight my brow bone. I lined my upper and lower lids with Urban Decays 24/7 liner in zero, and then just a dash of mascara (lights,camera, lashes by Tarte)in black. To finish the look and add just a hint of over-all shimmer I then dusted "Allure" by Motives onto my lids. The look is drop dead diva gorgeous,just the right amount of shimmer without being overdone.
The look is easy, and took me about ten minutes to create. Pair this with a beautiful teal sweater dress,or a gray cashmere sweater,and you're good to go!
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Nov 23, 2010

Hot Holiday Hair

The Holiday season is here again, and so are all the parties! Our dresses are hanging in the closet,our shoes have been purchased,our makeup has been planned,but what about our hair?
BellevueGrl is here with some easy and  fairly inexpensive ways to make your hair just as pretty as the rest of you.
Without trying to pull a "Blair Waldorf" try a jeweled headband. Sweep your bangs forward or gently to the side and place headband about midway,add a little spritz of hairspray and you have an easy and polished look to go with anything.
I happened to find some really great ones at Forever 21,everything from silvery jeweled bands,to gorgeous feathered ones. (Forever 21 Beaded And Sequined Leaf Headband $5.80)

A glittery scarf can be used for a side-swept pony tail,or be fun and creative and tie your hair with a bit of package ties for the Christmas season. glittering stars,angels,etc make a cute statement for longer hair.
For a super glamorous look,replace your usual hairspray with Frederic Fekkai Spray On Hair Crystals. This is a crystalline mist that captures thousands of the tiniest diamond and pearl particles to provide all-over brilliance and dimension to your style.
This product is available in three shades: champagne, copper, and bronze. You'll be turning heads as a foxy fashionista should! (at Sephora,and )

 Short hair can go glam for the season too! Try jeweled bobby pins. I again found some amazing ones at Anthropology. Beautiful flowers,vintage bows,etc.Try pinning on the sides of your hair to make your short style sparkle. (All That remains Bobbies $18.00)

 Another cute look is the RhineStone And Rope Metal Headband  that I spotted at Express. This is available both at stores and online at $24.90 and adds a festive touch to every day.

Be the "Star" at your next party,and try some of these tips to put a little "sparkle" in your eyes,and maybe someone elses.

Happy Holidays!!

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Nov 20, 2010

Harry Potter And The Real World

Sorting hats,and Gryffindor scarves,walking sticks and a guy dressed as Snape greeted those who were lucky enough to purchase a ticket to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows at Crossroads Cinema in Bellevue.

 A question crossed my mind, and I wondered how relevant HP was in the real world. In an economy where money is tight,and jobs are scarce,Harry Potter is the perfect escape and is still very much alive.The theater began seating at ten,just to avoid a large backup of people in the lobby and outside.

While the crowd was mostly made up of teens and tweens,there were a few of us "older" die hard Potter fans amongst the audience. The turnout was incredible,and it was so nice to hear the cheering for the characters,and the loud clapping when the movie started. 

The movie was sad,dark,and powerful. This is the darkest of the Harry Potter movies so far. I say that because it is mainly about Lord Voldemort,and finding the very last of the horcruxes. Yep, I can hear Voldemort laughing.. "It's all about me,me,me"!

 For those of you wondering, yes it was very close to the book. Something that every true HP fan will appreciate, because quite frankly, they murdered the last movie Half Blood Prince by leaving out some key scenes and clues,and just skipping past the really big scene with Dumbledore's funeral,which in the book was apparently a white tie event..Grin (read the book,sorry for the pun) This movie covers the first 25 chapters of The Deathly Hallows very well,and incorporated all of the spells,and key points you needed to know.

As a long time Harry Potter fan, I can say that I walked away with a feeling that the finale was going to be amazing, can't wait for next year. I was happy that they stayed true to the book series on this film.I believe that fans will be satisfied in the conclusion of this great adventure.
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Nov 11, 2010

Holiday Nail Tips

Darling Divas, thinking of some cool ideas for adding some holiday pizazz to your nails? I've got just the thing to make your nails sparkle.

 Try adding a few crystals or glitter (Red,Gold,Silver,even Green) apply to your nails while slightly tacky ,dip nail tips in a small bowl(dessert size) of glitter,then when dry cover with a clear coat of polish then spray with an instant nail dryer. you can find most of these items at a discount beauty supply like Sally or Beauty Warehouse.

 Another tip to try,look for little decals,often sold in sets such as angels, snowmen,snowflakes. I found some great ones just browsing through my local Rite Aid in the nail care isle,and think that they would look adorable...why pay more when you can do it yourself at home for half the cost? Often these kits run as little as $3.99

Try kiss usa's nail stickers ($4.99) Foil art kits are fun, and add a festive touch.
Just another way to shine this holiday season

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Nov 9, 2010

"Sea" Real Results

This is week two of my trial with H2O Plus and their Sea Pure skincare collection.

I am happy to report that  my skin has never looked better. There has been no reaction to the cleanser or moisturizer, such as breakouts or redness,and my skin looks firm,well rested, and flawless. Dark spots have all but faded and my makeup goes on beautifully in the morning. I am really happy with the results,since I have sensitive skin,and find that changing products sometimes can result in upsetting the balance of my skin.

I am using all of the Sea Pure line, and have been using the gentle skin polish (facial scrub) twice a week. You can still take advantage of the special savings offered to the readers of my blog. Simply head over to from now until November 20th to save $10.00 off your entire H2O Plus purchase of $30.00 or more,just enter promotion code 100275 at checkout.
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Nov 6, 2010

"Purr"-fectly Delightful

Be on the prowl for the launch of Katy Perry's new fragrance "Purr".  A fresh citrus blend of peach nectar and apple,with jasmine blossoms,pink freesia,vanilla orchid, and sandalwood.

 Sounds totally yummy,and the bottle looks like it belongs on a curio cabinet shelf.  Definitely a perfect addition to any feline fanciers collection.

Can't wait to get my "claws" on this one. Want to get your paws on it too? The fragrance is available now,exclusively at Nordstrom and  $45-$65.00

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Nov 3, 2010

Under The Sea

The sea holds the key to some pretty amazing creatures,but it is also home to some fantastic plants and botanicals. This is the science behind H2O Plus.

 H2O Plus' Sea Pure line is created with the power of the sea and holds the power to heal, protect and renew. This Chicago based company focuses on infusing all of its products with sea elements and marine extracts.With the launch of this new product line, H2O Plus will soon have its entire collection composed of 100% natural products. Not very many companies can boast about that.

I recently received sample products from BeautyStat to review,but my review is my own objective opinion,and should not reflect on BeautyStat in any way.
Products in the Sea Pure Skincare Collection include:
Sea Pure Creamy Facial Cleanser- Features H2O Plus' new blend of youth-renewing science fused with powerful marine ingredients to replenish and nourish, keeping skin healthy and young. Scented with oranges and citrus,a treat for your senses.This was my favorite of the collection. Smells like a bushel of fresh picked fruits,yummy!  Rinses away makeup completely,no residue. $20

Sea Pure Gentle Refining Polish- An exfoliating polish enriched with bamboo extract and hydrating sea moss which effortlessly reveals skin's natural glow. This is an amazing facial scrub! Gentle enough to use every day. I just tried this out for review purposes, but would generally use this once or twice a week with my ultra sensitive skin. $30

Sea Pure Renewing Prep Tonic: This tonic refreshes and readies skin to receive moisture. Full of essential citrus oils, including grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange, as well as aloe extract, the Renewing Prep Tonic smooths fine lines and energizes skin. The best part, is that you don't have to use alot on your cotton ball or pad.$18

 Sea Pure Hydrating Lotion SPF 15: This smooth SPF lotion goes on as easily as water and protects the skin both under makeup and on its own. Its silky,and has a lightweight feel.  $40
Sea Pure Deep Moisture Cream: Emollient coconut and jojoba oils mix with marine-cultivated ingredients to help replenish and balance skin as well as deflect aging free radical damage. This cream can be used as a daytime remedy for dry skin, or as a naturally nourishing night cream. This felt like whipped cream on my face. Initially, I didn't care for the consistency,and it felt a little heavy for my skin, but once it sinked in, it left my skin feeling soft and fresh.If you use it in  the morning,allow this to sit a bit, then apply makeup .$40

Sea Pure Perfecting Eye Cream: This eye cream fades the look of fine lines and refreshes firmness with marine-derived ingredients. The antioxidant-rich sea mayweed hydrates all of the  delicate areas around the eye.Who doesn't love a  little line "eraser"? This is very rich,and a little goes a long way. dot under eyes and lightly, pat in. $32

I loved this set,am looking forward to "Sea-ing" great results. I also received 3 mini samples of  Sea Results line mender, a little "extra" treatment for those pesky fine lines (spelled crows feet),Sea Results  deep sleep recovery cream ,a "put your cares to bed" night cream that is infused with marine collagen, and  Face Oasis, a gel hydrating treatment. I personally would not use these on an everyday basis, but every now and then when skin requires a little pampering,I would use these to renew my skin. 
 When I woke up this morning, I noticed my skin felt softer,and a few dark spots had lightened,my overall skin tone was much clearer. Would I buy this for myself? The answer is yes!  I was very pleased with how my skin felt,and the fact that there was no reaction with my sensitive skin. (we've all been there..redness,itching,or worse, breakouts from trying a new product)
 As a reader of my blog,you can take advantage of a special promotion, and try these great products out for yourself. From November 1st until November 20th, you can save $10.00 off your entire H2O Plus purchase of $30.00 or more at  by using the promotion code 100275 at checkout.
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Nov 2, 2010

Coach Brings Back Classics

I still remember purchasing my very first Coach bag.Every young woman knew that owning a coach bag was not only a status symbol,but a lasting quality made piece. In my day only Dillard's carried Coach.The smell of real leather,the suppleness,there were so many to choose from.My purchase was what is now long gone,the original Christie Bag. A little shoulder bag in green leather,with a brass clasp. Those bags were meant to last a lifetime and age like a well worn saddle (leather that made Coach famous originally)

To this day, I still have that bag. I also have a much loved and worn-out black leather tote bag.had it not been for a hole that had worn through the bottom of the bag, I would still be carrying it today.

I can say with pride that both of my Coach bags,the "original classic leather" are well over ten years old . I have since purchased one of the newer styles,a Madison,but I really missed the old quality. I am happy to say that Coach listened to it's long time customers and is starting to re-introduce some of it's original handbags back into their collection.

Look for the Studio Legacy leather backpack,The original Court bag (this makes a great ladies briefcase), The City bag ,and the Legacy zip. These come in the original glove tanned leather,and in the shades we all know and loved like
Mahogany,British tan,and Black,with the great brass turn lock closures.

Thank you Coach for returning to the quality we all know and loved!

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts,

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