Jun 1, 2016


I finally managed to get my hands on the brand new Urban Decay "Alice,Through The Looking Glass"palette.($60.00 at ULTA)

I wanted to wait until I actually saw the movie,so that I could get a better perspective of the elements included in the set and I am really glad that I did.

For those of you that dont know, all of the familiar characters are there,and Alice meets up with her dear friend "Hatter" for another courageous adventure.This time though, the sequel was actually better than the first,and had more heart. It was more about love,family and best friends forever. Oh, and forgiveness.. It was a feel good movie and I walked out of the theater with a smile on my face.

The shades in the Urban Decay palette arent pieces of a mirror at all, they are from Alice's tunic that she wore in the film. The lipstick shades are named after the "stars" and of course the beautiful butterfly that appears when you open the box is reminiscent of Absolem,who was a caterpillar in the first film..(get the "time" theme?)and yes, time changes us all.

Alice shades 
Looking Glass (pale pink demi-matte)
Reflection (soft peach matte)
Dormouse (warm brown matte w/floating gold micro-sparkle)
Metamorphosis (vibrant periwinkle blue w/micro-sparkle)
Mad Hatter shades include:

Hatter (vibrant green w/tonal micro-sparkle)
Gone Mad (aubergine w/pink iridescent pearl)
Paradox (vibrant orange w/gold pearl)
(saturated blue-pink w/silver micro-shimmer)
Mirana shades include:

Lily (opal pink pearl)
Duchess (peach w/pink shift and micro-sparkle)
Kingdom (copper-bronze pearl)
Chessboard (medium brown matte)
Iracebeth shades include:

Heads Will Roll (vibrant turquoise w/gold micro-sparkle)
Bandersnatch (deep teal matte)
Salazen Grum (metallic crimson)
Royal Flush (pale beige shimmer)

Time shades include:

Time (black-navy satin w/soft iridescent micro-sparkle)
Dream On (metallic purple-silver)
Chronosphere (metallic deep bronze)
Mirror (gray-taupe satin)

The lipstick shades are also creative and whimsical. My favorite being Alice,a soft sheer apricot shade. There's Mad Hatter,Time,Mirana,and Iracebeth.
Urban Decay does a wonderful job on creating shades for fair skinned people. I was not able to purchase all of the shades as they were sold out pretty quickly, but I did get to swatch both Alice and Time. ($18.00 at ULTA)

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