Jun 30, 2010

Eclipse ...The Good,The Bad, The Ugly

Cheers to all of the theatres out there (Regal Crossroads 8,in Bellevue) who offered all three movies,allowing fans to be able to bypass the long lines & screaming tweens ,for an extra ten dollars. Being able to view the movies back to back was a Twilight fans pleasure,as you could really see how the actors have matured with each new sequel. It's funny,because as many times as I have seen Twilight,I always discover something new about the movie,perhaps a line that I didn't quite catch before, or a scene in a movie that I didn't remember. While it's true that it is rather predictable, it was a good refresher,and set the stage perfectly .

New Moon is one of my favorite movies,deeper,darker than Twilight, it again focuses on a more mature love story,and forces Bella to make a choice. This movie is about heartbreak,unending-undying love,and staying true to your commitments,if you dare. Oh, and great shirtless scenes with a more than hunky Jacob..er.. never mind.

Eclipse picks up right where New moon left off. I liked the fact that they continued like time had no meaning. Once again focusing on the deeper side of Bella and Edwards relationship,and this time spirituality. does one surrender completely to love,even in the face of danger or does one give in to temptation (Jacob). It's about doing the right thing. The action scenes were amazing,although I do have to say that some of the characters were a little less developed (Riley,Victoria,Bree) and some looked alot different (Esme,Rosalie,Jasper) It was nice to get a bit of storyline behind how Jasper and Rosealie became vampires. While there were some scenes that were turned around,the overall heat between Edward and Bella just was lacking,whereas in the novel it was white hot. This movie focused more on the relationship with Jacob,and made Bella look like she was playing with both men. Yeah, there was a lot of threats and quick lines, two "boys" fighting over the woman that they loved,but still, that overall hatred between werewolf and vampire never really quite made it on screen.A pouty Jacob storming off obviously in angst over Bella, it was as if they tried to take the best parts of the book but somehow managed to get them out of sequence . it didn't quite fit. There just wasn't that same magic that we want to see between Bella and Edward.

Now for the hard part..Bella's engagement ring.. major disappointment. Not what the book described or as I would have envisioned. I was expecting to see something Victorian,beautiful,and fitting. this was a cut glass disaster. unfortunately,so was the ending...instead of creating the desire to see the next movie, it just left people flat..there was no lead in to the next movie at all,no climax,nothing..it is as if Breaking Dawn is just going to give a brief nod to it's characters.
I hope not. if they are smart, they will deepen this next movie and give fans what they want to see..a true wedding,a real relationship with passion and love,a true sense of what it is like for Bella to become a vampire.. I hope that they don't focus on too much horror with the impending arrival of Renesmee. Finish the story,and make fans believe again in the real magic that drew them to Twilight in the first place. Leave them with the fantasy, and wanting more. That's what we go to these movies for. Your fans are depending on you.
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Jun 26, 2010

Urban Jungle

The woman known as Cartier's "Panther"

Who doesn't love a great story? Especially one about fashion,jewelry,the great fashion and design houses of Europe,and a scandalous love affair....

I was recently browsing at my local Barnes&Noble and came across a fascinating story....

Now I know that technically this isn't related to anything local,but in a way it is, if you happen to love jewelry.

Earlier this month Cartier launched it's new Panthere de Cartier collection. Diamond and sapphire studded cats,inspired by the fiercest "Cat Lady" of them all Jeanne Toussaint.
Madam Toussaint was the most influential female jeweler known,and was appointed Cartier's Director from 1933-1978. Having been the object of desire for Louis Cartier,she soon became an icon in Paris. She chose most of the famous designs that you see today,using large cats,for rings,bracelets,brooches,and necklaces.
The now world famous collection was actually named after her. She was nicknamed "The Panther" by Louis Cartier, as every new idea had first to be submitted to her cruel,often unnecessarily harsh judgement. She was a woman of exquisite elegance as imaginative as she was demanding. Designers and Master jewelers were in awe of her. One can only imagine her walking the streets of early Paris as La Panthere was always on the prowl.
Very little is written about her in English,but I did come across a new book that was written about her life in French,by Stephanie des Horts titled "La Pantere" and if you are able to translate French, it is an intriguing story. There is also a brief article that is featured in the UK edition of Harper's Bazaar.
The pieces can be seen online and in select boutiques (Neiman Marcus Shops at the Bravern ) also see http://www.cartier.com/boutique/united-states-of-america/washington/bellevue#/show-me/collections

"Hello Pussycat"

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Picture credits :

pictures courtesy of www.ukfashionworld.com




Jun 12, 2010

An Evening With Celebrity Makeup Artist Suresh

Seattle's "Hip" little style bar Swink was host to the fabulous Suresh Seneviratne last night. One of Seattle's own,he now resides in New York,where he is a makeup artist to stars and models of New York's fashion world,from Richard Tyler to Oscar de La Renta.

Suresh originally began his career as a stylist for Gene Juarez, has represented companies from Nordstrom to Smashbox and Chanel,and now has his own makeup line,with gloss Luxe Sparkling Lip Gloss being the first of his collection.

Flashing a bright smile,and sparkling eyes,he quickly worked his special brand of magic on the group of ladies that had arrived at the salon,offering makeup tips, applying lip gloss, and giving color consultations to those that stopped by to chat with him.
 It's easy to see him on Oprah,chatting easily with the stars.Talking to him myself, you could see a powerhouse of energy behind his easy style. 
 You can view his hot makeup at  www.sureshbeauty.com  ( including two new lip shades that were just introduced last night, Lani and Jenn)
Besides being an amazing wizard at wielding a makeup brush, Suresh is also quite a cook,and writes his own blog,which you can view at  the link here http://thestylishveg.blogspot.com  The desserts featured there are so good, you will be drooling on your keyboard!
 What lady wouldn't adore him! Looks,makeup,and magic...And a man that can cook!  Now we're talking!

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Rock Diva Fashion Show

Belltown Billiards was host Thursday night, June 10th  to one of the coolest little fashion shows in town.

With easy looks and affordable fashion our ladies took to the floor to show the fashion world that Diva 911 Boutique can turn anyone into a "Fabulous Fashionista!

Our very own "Smashing Diva" Krystal Lechner was hard at work behind the scenes to provide an 80's edge to the models makeup creating hot blue lips,flashing eyes and edgy cheekbones.

Outside The Barbie Dream Hearse awaited those who wished to be whisked away in pink high style,while inside photographers snapped pictures as our "Sirens" for the evening strutted their stuff. Professional Photography provided by Karmen Wood of Rosewood Photography.

I was able to snap a few great pictures "behind the scenes" as well and have posted them here for you.

Special "Thanks" to Belltown Billiard's,Surgz Seatte Promotions (Becci Harrison), Savanna Mercado, Samantha Leischow, Andrea Raabe, Tanya Dickinson, Kailey Johnson, Kat Taylor (Our Beautiful "Divas"),Jackie Bisquera Mitchell(Diva 911 Boutique),Karmen Wood (Rosewood Photography) ,Barbie Dream Hearse,Kandice Meyers Bradley (Intermezzosalon),Annette-"Seattle Sugar Bar,and all of our fabulous sponsors!

Go out and show the world your inner "Rock Star"
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

 Our Models Showing Off Fashions From Diva 911

 The Barbie Dream Hearse Awaits!

Jun 8, 2010

"Dress" To Impress

No doubt about it, this summer is the season of the dress. From everything to jewel toned prints,tropical floral and jungle prints,the dress is making quite a statement.

I've browsed some of the best stores and am ready to share some of the best places for the hottest little numbers out there.

Cute,affordable,and classy...Stop by your local Dress Barn. I visited both the Crossroads location in Bellevue as well as the outlet store in North Bend recently, and was impressed by the selection and prices offered. Everything from cocktail, to business,to casual and all for well under $50.00. What's even better? If you buy two dresses you will receive an additional $10.00 off your total price. Animal print dress shown is $39.99. to view more visit their website at http://www.dressbarn.com/  and click on Summer fashion book. The staff is always ready to help with anything, from choosing the perfect look to the right accessories.

Another great place to shop for dresses is Forever21 . I visited the Alderwood Mall shop and found some great styles. Ladies,most of these dresses are under $25.00. From sundresses to floral,dots and strips this is the place to shop for that vacation in Maui dress or cocktails with the girls. I love the look and the accessories at this shop.Anyone that is on a budget,but still wants to look chic will appreciate the selection offered. There is also a fantastic website as well as a fashion blog called "The Skinny" online. Visit forever21.com  for details.

One of my personal favorites is Nordstrom. Our Bellevue location has some of the prettiest dresses for just about anything. From Ralph Lauren designer dresses to casual day wear,you can find it all here. I always enjoy shopping here because of the personalized attention and friendly staff. Also see their website for other choices.http://shop.nordstrom.com/ 
With these looks you will always be on the "Best Dressed" list!

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

Jun 3, 2010

Emerald City Fashion Week Designer Dinner

Last Night I had the pleasure of dining with Jolie Etoile Poirier, one of the city's award winning designers at the Emerald City Fashion Week Designers Dinner held at Cafe Campagne.

 The evening was a fashionistas dream, with guests from 509 Wines,Appeal,Hermes,Emerald City Fashion Week and more.
Guests were treated to a full course meal and wine provided by Cafe Campagne,not to mention a decadent chocolate hazelnut terrine with orange syrup for dessert.

It was a treat to get to meet such a truly inspiring designer,one who has been wielding her trade for ten years,and who had brought a true touch of glamor back into her fashions,with a retro classic style of the old Hollywood days of 1940. Think Marylin Monroe,Rita Hayworth,Betty Page glam and you will have an idea of the beautiful creations that inspire Jolie. One of her dresses took over 70 hours to sow on beads and Swarovski Crystals by hand. Truly a labor of love,and the results speak for themselves. Her designs are breathtaking and fresh,much like Jolie herself.

Special "Thanks" to Cafe Campagne,Emerald City Fashion Week, Flavor of Seattle, &Dauber Art for an evening to be remembered.Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts