Jun 30, 2010

Eclipse ...The Good,The Bad, The Ugly

Cheers to all of the theatres out there (Regal Crossroads 8,in Bellevue) who offered all three movies,allowing fans to be able to bypass the long lines & screaming tweens ,for an extra ten dollars. Being able to view the movies back to back was a Twilight fans pleasure,as you could really see how the actors have matured with each new sequel. It's funny,because as many times as I have seen Twilight,I always discover something new about the movie,perhaps a line that I didn't quite catch before, or a scene in a movie that I didn't remember. While it's true that it is rather predictable, it was a good refresher,and set the stage perfectly .

New Moon is one of my favorite movies,deeper,darker than Twilight, it again focuses on a more mature love story,and forces Bella to make a choice. This movie is about heartbreak,unending-undying love,and staying true to your commitments,if you dare. Oh, and great shirtless scenes with a more than hunky Jacob..er.. never mind.

Eclipse picks up right where New moon left off. I liked the fact that they continued like time had no meaning. Once again focusing on the deeper side of Bella and Edwards relationship,and this time spirituality. does one surrender completely to love,even in the face of danger or does one give in to temptation (Jacob). It's about doing the right thing. The action scenes were amazing,although I do have to say that some of the characters were a little less developed (Riley,Victoria,Bree) and some looked alot different (Esme,Rosalie,Jasper) It was nice to get a bit of storyline behind how Jasper and Rosealie became vampires. While there were some scenes that were turned around,the overall heat between Edward and Bella just was lacking,whereas in the novel it was white hot. This movie focused more on the relationship with Jacob,and made Bella look like she was playing with both men. Yeah, there was a lot of threats and quick lines, two "boys" fighting over the woman that they loved,but still, that overall hatred between werewolf and vampire never really quite made it on screen.A pouty Jacob storming off obviously in angst over Bella, it was as if they tried to take the best parts of the book but somehow managed to get them out of sequence . it didn't quite fit. There just wasn't that same magic that we want to see between Bella and Edward.

Now for the hard part..Bella's engagement ring.. major disappointment. Not what the book described or as I would have envisioned. I was expecting to see something Victorian,beautiful,and fitting. this was a cut glass disaster. unfortunately,so was the ending...instead of creating the desire to see the next movie, it just left people flat..there was no lead in to the next movie at all,no climax,nothing..it is as if Breaking Dawn is just going to give a brief nod to it's characters.
I hope not. if they are smart, they will deepen this next movie and give fans what they want to see..a true wedding,a real relationship with passion and love,a true sense of what it is like for Bella to become a vampire.. I hope that they don't focus on too much horror with the impending arrival of Renesmee. Finish the story,and make fans believe again in the real magic that drew them to Twilight in the first place. Leave them with the fantasy, and wanting more. That's what we go to these movies for. Your fans are depending on you.
Until next time~
Hugs and hearts

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