Jul 3, 2010

Be A Frugal Fashionista

Some of my favorite makeup brands are Stila,Nars (cream eye shadows,and blush),and Urban Decay (just about everything)
But every now and then when funds are low,or when I'm in a pinch I will go and buy non department store brands.

Having shopped and thrown away quite a few items, I can share with you some of the best little buys out there. Believe it or not,Maybelline Matte Mouse Foundation is one of the best products I have found. The formula looks alot like mousse,but goes on smooth and gives a pretty flawless look. the coverage lasts all day. for around 8.00 this comes in alot of great shades and the porcelain is a great match for my skin tone.Another great buy is their colossal volume express mascara.non clumping volume and longer lashes for under 7.00!  what I liked best was that it does not smear or streak like some other bargain brands do,and comes off easily. no raccoon eyes in the morning.

 Another great buy is Cover Girl brow & eye makers. This was the only eyebrow pencil that I could find that would work for a redhead. they come two to a pack for under 5.00 and last forever.

My favorite bargain eye pencil? Sephora  Try their Nano Eyes eye pencil. they come in just about every color,fit into a makeup bag and the price.. just right 5.00 ,and lip gloss is a cinch with Sephora brand fresh gloss,fresh minty taste and scent, a sheer pink shimmer for 7.00 perfect to slip into a pocket!
Proof that you can be a foxy fashionista and still be on a budget.

Make "Cents"?
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

For more information please see the Sephora site
sephora.com and visit www.maybelline.com

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