Jan 27, 2010

Brush Up On Beauty- Makeup 101 Part 2

You Make Me Blush-
Ladies, when it comes to blush brushes, throw away those little tiny brushes that come in your compacts and invest in a great brush,a harsh stripe is all you will see if you're applying your color with one of those pre-packaged minis.

The best blush brushes come with a soft dome shape to allow color to be applied to the center of the brush for a soft sweep across your cheekbones.

Try to aim for a high quality brush,one that is not made from nylon. Pony hair,tipped goat hair,or 100% goat hair offer the smoothest applications and again need not be expensive. I was able to find two that range in price from $46.00 for a Nars Blush Brush to a Lorac Brush for $26.00

Again, Sephora has their own professional brushes, which I happen to think work great,and can be bought separately. An angled blush brush is $28.00

The staff at Sephora is always ready to assist and can show you the best way for you to achieve a natural look and the best brushes to get it.

You can find everything from concealer brushes,to foundation brushes,to powder brushes,and yes, if you want to set your makeup for a smooth last all day look a powder brush that picks up soft translucent loose powder is your best bet.

Happy Hunting!
Until next time~

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Jan 21, 2010

Brush Up On Beauty

I've had a lot of people ask if using a makeup brush really makes a difference when applying eyeshadow or blush.

The answer is absolutely.....

Here are some examples as to why you should be using a good makeup brush vs a sponge tip applicator or the tiny

little brush you find in compacts to apply your makeup.

A sponge applicator gives little or no control over the amount of color you apply and can often give a harsh look,whereas a brush

allows you to be able to apply a sheer color wash to the lid or layer color on for a bolder look. using an angled brush allows better shading or contouring of the crease or outer eye area and a pointed brush is perfect for creating a gorgeous "cat-eye" or for applying cream eyeliners..you simply cannot do that with a sponge tipped applicator.

For a neat,clean brow line try using an eyebrow brush...sweep brows upward and out then apply pencil or powder,gel can be used to tame those who are blessed with natural color to their brows to keep brow line in shape.gently comb through eyelashes with comb side to remove any extra goop from mascara. By the way,did you know that long ago,mascara used to come in little "cakes" and was originally applied with a brush to lashes?? That was the original idea behind those eyebrow brushes..the makeup brand "Rimmel" takes it's name from the Italian name which means mascara... The first mascara product was originally invented by Eugene Rimmel in the 19th century. Max Factor perfected the mascara that we see today inventing the wand inside the tube.

A good brush doesn't necessarily need to be expensive. While the best are made from sable,and can be costly,brushes can be found at Sephora that range in a variety of price ranges starting at about $20-$50 per brush . Brush sets can be found starting at $15 to $50 mid range and a bit more for professional grade. I actually have two sets for basic use . Another very good brand to try is Sonia Kashuk @ Target her brushes come in nice little sets with a cosmetic bag or traveling case for under $25

Next week,we'll follow up on blush brushes.

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Jan 16, 2010

Do You "Follow" Me?

Being on Twitter brings it's share of interesting followers,but sometimes it can lead to discovering great little eateries and

wine bars quite by accident.

Such is the case with Grand Cru Wine Bar in Bellevue.

They "followed" me and I began to "follow" back and it was the start of a beautiful relationship. I learned all about this hip little wine bar tucked inside a corner of downtown Bellevue located on 108th Avenue. Parking is easy, there is an underground parking garage that is free and access is very simple. It is both a wine shop and a great little restaurant.

There is always something going on,be it Monday night $1.00 taco night to wine tasting events, happy hour,and the ever popular

"dinner on us" with a speciality menu for the evening. reservation must be made in advance, but this has become so well liked that they have extended this from Wednesday nights to Saturday nights as well.

The happy hour is divine...mini crab cake,cheese platters,mini cheese ravioli,generous portions served by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. The wine is an amazing mixture of Italian,French,Californian,and local vintages..too many to mention here,but take a look at their website for further details at http://grandcru-winebar.com

This is better than the average wine bar. classy,without being stuffy and a very relaxing atmosphere. the crowd is mixed,all ages, so anyone would feel welcome walking in. The music is just right,not too loud,it was nice to be able to hold a conversation at the table and not have the music overwhelm us.

I visited on New Years eve and was treated to the best champagne ever. Cheers to $5 bubblies by the glass,it was wonderful!

I was informed by my waitress that they had just opened in April of '09, but I can see big things coming for this little bistro.

Try it out, you will be very pleasantly surprised..and follow them on twitter @GrandCru

Until next time~
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Jan 7, 2010

Just "Wondering"

It's finally here-
Urban Decays Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows!!! Just saw a preview at their website and I am

loving the shades from this collection!! http://www.urbandecay.com/. This company has some of the hottest,
hippest shades and products that are always cutting edge,and this season is no exception to the rule.
 I  always look forward to seeing what this company will come up with,and have never been dissapointed in their choices.

Ladies if you're thinking these shades may not work for you,think again. This spring is all about color! These were meant to be played with,get creative!

Toss your brown and black eyeliners and try rimming your eyes with these shades. They don't have to be used as an all over color. team with a soft silver,gray or pink,use an angled brush to apply the blue or purple to the outer corner of the eye for a gorgeous "pop" of color.

Be "Alice" and discover a "wonderland" for yourself!!!
Until next time~
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Jan 5, 2010

BellevueGrl Says "C'est La Vie"

I recently had a chance to visit one of the most unique shops in the Renton area. Now, I know that this technically isn't Bellevue, but I had to list this because of the amazing staff and great finds that await at C'est La Vie.

This is not your typical boutique. Located at the Landing shopping center, I discovered fabulous vintage clothing,40's style hats,amazing turquoise colored gloves,sweaters,knit scarves, wallets,handbags,and a friendly courteous staff who showed me around the store, were eager to assist, and let me try on whatever I wished,and even made suggestions as to how to accessorize a particular hat or jacket. These ladies know their stuff! This was customer service at it's best!

The prices were a pleasant surprise as well. Most hats were 30-38.00 not what you would typically expect.

The shop also has some of the most unique pieces of jewelry that I have seen,everything from beautiful real stone necklaces,bracelets, and earrings,to simply elegant sterling silver cuff bracelets and rings.

There are two locations, one in Edmond's which is the flag store,and at The Landing in Renton which is newly opened, as of December 4th. The hours are from 11-8pm Monday-Sat and Sunday 12-6 pm.

Please check out their website at http://clvcatalog.com/ or their Face Book page and become a fan. There are specials every Wednesday.

Special "Thanks" go to Theresa Savereux ,who was so kind and showed me around the store and to owner Colleen Bowman who makes C'est La Vie tres magnifique!!

Until next time~

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Jan 1, 2010

New Ways To Sparkle In The New Year- A Look Ahead

2010 is finally here,and there is nothing better than to take some time and update your wardrobe and your makeup for the season ahead.

I was browsing through the Urban Decay website hoping for a glimpse of the new Alice In Wonderland shades like a mad hatter,but while doing so I happened upon some great ideas ...if your looking for a way to jazz up your eyes for a night at the club or a party at home,try Urban Decay Rocks.

These are tiny crystals silver,gold,and iridescent that can be used at the corners of your eyes for an ultra glam look,place on nails,or add a hint of sparkle to your cheekbones. Great price too just $18.00

I'm totally loving the shadows for spring. everything from vivid to pastel in shades of blue,green and violet with a soft hint of shimmer. These are meant to be layered. to break up color try adding a matching pencil or liquid liner or my fave pick "Ink For Eyes" again, by Urban Decay. This comes in a neat little mirror compact with a brush for $22.00 (Magazines are recommending black eyeliner,but I think this is too harsh for day and a look better saved for night).

Lipstick shades pop in vibrant orange this year. I'm spotting everything from a rich pomegranate to burnt orange and shades of deep apricot. Blush looks are soft and natural,well blended. This is just an early report,we will see what the final overall choice will be once the previews officially start rolling in.

This is just a brief preview of what's ahead. I'm excited to see the Runway looks that will be coming in.
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts