Jan 5, 2010

BellevueGrl Says "C'est La Vie"

I recently had a chance to visit one of the most unique shops in the Renton area. Now, I know that this technically isn't Bellevue, but I had to list this because of the amazing staff and great finds that await at C'est La Vie.

This is not your typical boutique. Located at the Landing shopping center, I discovered fabulous vintage clothing,40's style hats,amazing turquoise colored gloves,sweaters,knit scarves, wallets,handbags,and a friendly courteous staff who showed me around the store, were eager to assist, and let me try on whatever I wished,and even made suggestions as to how to accessorize a particular hat or jacket. These ladies know their stuff! This was customer service at it's best!

The prices were a pleasant surprise as well. Most hats were 30-38.00 not what you would typically expect.

The shop also has some of the most unique pieces of jewelry that I have seen,everything from beautiful real stone necklaces,bracelets, and earrings,to simply elegant sterling silver cuff bracelets and rings.

There are two locations, one in Edmond's which is the flag store,and at The Landing in Renton which is newly opened, as of December 4th. The hours are from 11-8pm Monday-Sat and Sunday 12-6 pm.

Please check out their website at http://clvcatalog.com/ or their Face Book page and become a fan. There are specials every Wednesday.

Special "Thanks" go to Theresa Savereux ,who was so kind and showed me around the store and to owner Colleen Bowman who makes C'est La Vie tres magnifique!!

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


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