Jun 26, 2011

"Transformers Bumblebee" Nail Look

I have to admit, I'm a big kid at heart. I am really excited about the upcoming Transformers movie.

One of my favorite characters is Bumblebee. Who wouldn't love that sweet big guy? Guardian,protector,humble,but fierce when he needs to be,and a pretty kick butt car when he's in disguise.

I swear, this was quite by accident, but I wound up creating a pretty cool look, and thought I would share it here.

I first started out with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Mellow Yellow. I had originally thought this shade was a frost, but as it turned out, it is a cream. I used two coats,but didn't care for the coverage. It was thin and slightly streaky,but once it dried, it was okay. Price $2.99 (Available at Walgreens,Rite Aid, and most retail outlets)

I began to wonder how this would look paired with OPI's Black Shatter,and reached for my bottle.

Here is the look with one coat of shatter on top.

I think it looks amazing and love the hints of yellow underneath.

A perfect "Bumblebee" look.

OPI Black Shatter is $8.50, and is still available at most Salon's where OPI products are sold, as well as Trade Secret,  and at Pzazz Hair Design &Beauty Supply at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.

This is a great way for us "grown-ups" to have a little kid style fun!

Get Buzzing!

Until next time~

Hearts and Hugs


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Jun 25, 2011

Hiding The Truth .. (Not Quite "Full Exposure")

Some products promise the world, and actually deliver,others promise,but somehow miss the mark completely. 

I was really intrigued by Smashbox, and their latest release of Full Exposure Mascara.
The magazine and promos all looked very enticing. Who wouldn't get excited about having 104% more voluminous lashes,right? The ads all promised an "exclusive fiber" formula. 

Well, don't waste your money,and if you do, throw this directly in the trash bin,and do not pass go! 

At first look,the tube looks like it belongs on a model's table,but pull out the wand and the formula is thick,and gloppy. See how it sits at the end of the brush? When you try to apply it, it also smears on your lashes. If you already have long lashes,like I do it will hit your brow,and leave little black marks, since the formula goes on wet. 

Now, what makes this wet, is that it contains olive oil,but the problem is, it doesn't dry very well.It makes it almost impossible to use on your lower lashes,and in the heat, it makes you have raccoon eyes. 

This doesn't hold up at all. One little inkling of sweat or humidity,and hello black rims. What makes it so thick is that there is a combination of waxes(supposedly for flexible coverage?)

I've tried wearing this a few times, just to see if maybe it might work, but every time I've used it, I've had the same results. For $19, there are way better brands out there.This one goes directly in the waste basket in my bathroom.

Sorry Smashbox, I truly love your eye shadows,but this product is a total fail. Another reason why it doesn't work,is that once it does smear,it is impossible to wipe off. Go figure. I've tried this with lash primer,and without,and it is,at least for me, not wearable. 

Have you tried this? What was your opinion? Any tips to share? 

Have a flirty Summer!

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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Jun 15, 2011

"Foiled Again"

For the past few months, I have been on a quest. A quest to find what has turned out to be tougher than finding the Holy Grail. I've been trying to get hold of OPI's Silver Shatter;and have searched every Salon,Trade Secret, Ulta, and Beauty works I can find.

Sadly, I still have not been lucky enough to find the magic elixir that will turn my nails to a  liquid, shimmering  treasure. 

 I just recently learned that Sally Hansen came out with a line of Crackle overcoats, that are supposed to do the exact same job as the OPI brand, and decided it would be much easier to find these at my local store.

I quickly headed to my nearest Rite Aid, and was greeted by an assortment of beautiful shades. There are actually eight in all, ranging fromWhite,Silver,Red,Pink,and so forth. My eyes kept going back to the silver, and so it was, that I finally found my Holy Grail.

 I first started with a good base coat, then applied Sinful Colors Professional  in "Oasis" ($1.99) This is a beautiful,Strawberry-Pink. To get a good solid color, I added two coats,and let dry completely. The coverage was even, and it did not streak.

Then came the "icing" on the cake, so to speak.
I brushed on the crackle overcoat in "Fractured Foil", a beautiful shimmering silver. This only required one thin coat to see results,and the formula did not get thick or goo-ey.
I really liked the results from the first nail. It almost looks like silver sugar on my nails, and is a perfect look paired with hot pink.
 In the light, the silver is very shimmery. 

I topped this with OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat, and for two days my manicure has lasted without any chips or problems.

 I can't wait to pair this with other colors! 

 Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat is $6.99 and can be found at Walgreen's,Rite Aid,Target,Bartel's,and most retail outlets.

 I will so be back for the White Crackle next!

 Have you tried these yet? and if so, what colors have you paired them with?

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts,

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Jun 14, 2011

Have A "Frosty" Summer

The summer heat is on,but you can get a frosty cool eye look by following these steps. 

Every now and then, I love to try to re-create a look from a movie,especially one that captures the eye and doesn't let go. I was mesmerized by the shimmering,icy look of "Emma Frost" in the recent X-Men First Class movie.

The role is expertly played by January Jones, who sports a retro,60-ish glamor, including teased blond hair, and pop pink lips, and silver rimmed eyes. The overall effect is villainously sexy.

For a purr-fect look I used several products. First, I brushed on Lancome's Lava all over,then on my lids I swept on Kitten Heel. I then used Urban Decay Snatch on browbone to add the "frost". This is a light, glittery pink that set off the color just right.

To define eyes, I then lined the inner "v" with silver eyeliner, and also waterline. Flash, a regal purple from Urban Decay, was then applied with a pointed brush as a liner.

For the same look you can use: Lancome Color Design Palette in Pink Envy $48
Available at www.lancome-usa.com  Sweep pale pink all over lids, then add the darker pink as lid color.

  I also recommend Aqua Eyes from Makeup Forever  Try the silver in 8L $18 at sephora.com a liner for inner "v" and to rim the inside of eyes.

Add a bit of "sugar" with a pretty pink pout. Once again, you want to keep this a retro 60's look so think pinks with a hint of white or silver.

 To capture the total look try Maybelline's  Maybelline's  Color Sensational Pearl Lipcolor in Pearly Pink.

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Grab your go-go boots girls!

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


Jun 11, 2011

City Of Steel

I often call Bellevue the "City of Steel", not only because of the modern glass and steel buildings that adorn the downtown area, but also because of the cold people that I have found living there, and the reserve of steel one must have to deal with it.

 Unless you fit into the group of so called "socialites",no one will speak to you. If you are not wearing designer clothes,or carrying the latest "it-girl" handbag you will be stared at as you enter one of their restaurants or coffee houses.

 Shame on you! Where is your compassion? Where is your friendliness,and your willingness to help your neighbor? We are all bent on wanting to be a "Good Samaritan", but when it comes right down to it,we look the other way!

I recently had my car towed from a local shopping mall. Everyday, I would walk across the street from there,and stop for coffee before going into work. I would talk to the security guards in the morning, say hello to the local area folks, and chat with customers as they came into the shop, so people knew me,knew where I worked, and were used to seeing my car. I guess they never paid attention. 
So, needless to say,when I came out to find my car had been towed away after almost two months,I was quite shocked. If only they had said SOMETHING,or posted a note on my windshield (even a nasty one) I would have gladly moved my vehicle. Instead, on a cold, rainy afternoon, with no warning, my car was gone.
How heartless can folks be? I had no jacket,my umbrella got turned inside out,and I had no transportation to get back home that day.  As I made my way, by foot ,I was treated like a homeless person, as I stopped to catch my breath, dripping from the rain at a local Starbucks. 

Is this how we treat  our guests and tourists?  This is not a warm welcome.  All I wanted was the ability to get to a park and ride so that I could take a bus home. Instead, I walked several miles to get there.

In a world where we proclaim peace and brotherly love, not one single person offered assistance,a smile, nothing , yet every day I serve others.
One of my favorite quotes comes from a local band Deathcab For Cutie, it is a new song, that says "And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born,then it's time to go..
and define your destination. There's so many different places to call home.
Because when you find yourself the villain in the story you have written,it's plain to see, that sometimes the best intentions are in need of redemptions,would you agree?"  (From the song "You Are A Tourist")
I had never felt more like an outsider in a city that I currently call my home.
 Next time, THINK before you act. That person sitting across the table from you ,that stranger could be someone that is loved, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother,someone that needs help. Don't turn away.
Don't give someone an "unfashionable" welcome.

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts
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Jun 4, 2011

Rock Star Worthy Nails

The warmer weather is finally upon us, and so is the Summer Concert series. I wanted a special look for an upcoming concert for my nails, and thought I would try this look out.

There are so many different ways to wear OPI's Black Shatter nail polish. The black and mint  green look has already been done to death,along with their newest shade "Teenage Dream", so I was going for a more blingy look. I had some shades sitting on my shelf,and decided to pair the shatter with Zoya Jules, a really pretty soft gold shimmer.

At first, the Jules wasn't really much to look at, and I wasn't quite sure if I even liked the shade on my nails,but adding the black shatter made all the difference in the world.

 It turned plain nails into pure liquid gold, and gave me a rock star worthy look that I wanted to show off.  This is a great look if you want a rich gold foil quality to your nails.

Here are the steps to follow:

First prep nails with a good base coat. Then follow with two coats of Zoya Jules (available at Trade Secret) $8.99
Once completely dry, add one coat of OPI Black Shatter,then top with OPI's Rapid Dry Top Coat. $8.50 Both are available at Trade Secret,online, and at local salons.
Have you tried Black Shatter? If so, what is your favorite pairing?
I'm ready to go "Fan-Girl" with rockin' nails!
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts
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