Nov 18, 2009

BellevueGrl Takes A Look At Labels

What's In A Name?
Does wearing a brand name or shopping at designer boutiques make you more fashionable than the average person on the  street? "BellevueGrl" doesn't think so. I recently picked up a copy of 425 Magazine and though I really like that it supports local businesses on the Eastside,shows restaurants and little otherwise unknown places and weekly specials,I was disappointed by the On The Town fashion pages.
While there were two women that I would consider appropriately dressed to adorn the pages of their magazine,the rest were dressed in mix-matched catastrophes but made the page because they just happened to be wearing a designer label. I don't think wearing Birkenstocks with a beautiful lime green sports outfit makes one fashionable,nor does wearing ripped ("distressed") jeans and old suede boots considered appropriate attire for work. Their choices were not indicative to what's really out there.
Take a look at some of the dance clubs,you will see amazing fashion.The little black dress teamed with a leopard print headband,opaque black tights and black suede booties..Name brands, designer labels..who cares??? This look is HOT HOT HOT
How about the career mom? We all know one" Someone "who can put together a look in a jiffy ,the gal that sits next to us on a bus with impeccable taste..trench coat,scarf,minimal makeup,but glowing skin,beautiful heels reading a "Parent'' magazine every morning. That's fashion too!
How about a well-groomed man? He doesn't have to be wearing Armani,but someone who can rock a pair of fresh blue jeans,a black wool jacket whose hair is fresh and clean and smells divine can turn heads faster than any Calvin Klein model could.That's real "on the street" fashion.
While I will admit to owning Ralph Lauren,Coach,Kenneth Cole,Burberry, some of my best "go to" pieces are not designer names at all. My closet holds plenty of Gap and Target.
It's not the name that makes it fashion...but the fabulous people that put it together with style with confidence and class
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

Nov 17, 2009

BellevueGrl On The Town

The Party "Got Started"...and then some!!!!

Where can you find the hottest Techno/Dance Club in town??? The answer would be The Last Supper Club.

I recently found this out for myself when I won a special pass to see European DJ "Mr.Sam". "Oh What A Night"!!

The man brought the house down with his sly mixes of The Killers-" Mr Brightside" and Deleriums "Silence" (I'm a huge Delerium fan) I'm familiar with his music since I listen to Tiesto,Delerium,D:Fuse, Cowboy Mike, Mike Hiratzka, Urban Astronauts, and Kristy Thirsk. This was some of the best I've heard .

The Dancers were amazing.The In-House DJs got the place warmed up with hot beats all their own. Darrius,MarQ,etc helped get the party started. Everyone in the place was dancing .hard not to with those sweet sounds going  down.

"Mr. Sam...I am..a new fan!!!" Hot Hot Hot!!!

Special Thanks to "Lisa Last Supper" ;-) and the staff at The Last Supper Club for making my night so much fun. Everyone was great and really friendly from Security,to the Bartender,all the way to the Wait-Staff.

I'll be back again..and hopefully "Mr.Sam" will be too! He promised to "Strike back again real soon" we'll be waiting !!

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


Nov 15, 2009

Starlight..Starbright..Whose the hottest male on Gossip Girl ???? I Tell All Tonight

Aah the price of being a young twenty something hot Hollywood from coast to coast,3am on sets for makeup,getting caught with "airplane hair" and late late nights..shooting in all kinds of weather ..and overly "chatzy" chat mates ;) Some seem to be pretty frustrated and often voice it with their fans on Twitter and Facebook,others take a milder ,well mannered approach...all in a days work.

I'm ready to spill on Hollywood's hottest GG hunks and I have to say that most are pretty much like the characters they play.

Penn Badgley...very much like "Dan" quiet,reserved,playful,funny

Chance Crawford..the "Gentleman" often teaming with other cast mates..seems very sweet

Ed Westwick... Aah the "Proverbial Chuck Bass" just as naughty and fun as his character and good humored given someones "Twitter Meltdowns" of obscenities etc

So..who made my "A" list??? I have to say that I like them all,but if I had to choose one it would be Ed...who wouldn't love that "Chuck Bass" kind of class???

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


Nov 8, 2009

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall...whose the sweetest Gossip Girl star of them all???

Hands down and hats off ..Surprisingly the answer is Blake Lively. This is a young star who manages both her role as Gossip Girls' Serena Van Der Woodsen,as well as a film career,and being main squeeze to actor Penn Badgley with style,grace,and professionalism ..she clearly wins the title every time.

Blake recently thanked her fans on both Face book and Twitter,stating "How grateful she was" for all of them.She doesn't complain,takes questions from her fans and doesn't get flustered by it all even when traveling from La to NY..keeping a calm head on her shoulders,and posting pictures of her magazine shoots etc on Twitter so that her fans can enjoy ..she has even gone so far as to do a text in request to her, no doubt flooded by questions and is a gal who may have stars in her eyes but has her feet firmly on the ground.

I was a fan since day one,but am now even more so because of her graciousness and kindness to share a part of herself with the people that watch her show..old Hollywood glamour and've got it girl!!!

Hugs also go to Leighton Meister for her obscenely HOT HOT HOT new music video. Leighton is a bit more private but hear from her from time to time...This GG star is going places

Taylor Momsen- on tour with the Veronicas

Jessica Szohr- the price of being a popular starlet can get this gal a little flustered and stressed. sometimes has been known to display that to her fans and friends.hope fully they will be patient and realize that she's just blowing off steam and needs a little space..boyfriend Ed Westwick must have patience of a saint's all true...

Next week..a glimpse of the GG Boys Club....Whose "Hot" and who is only lukewarm?????

BellevueGrl knows

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts