Jun 25, 2011

Hiding The Truth .. (Not Quite "Full Exposure")

Some products promise the world, and actually deliver,others promise,but somehow miss the mark completely. 

I was really intrigued by Smashbox, and their latest release of Full Exposure Mascara.
The magazine and promos all looked very enticing. Who wouldn't get excited about having 104% more voluminous lashes,right? The ads all promised an "exclusive fiber" formula. 

Well, don't waste your money,and if you do, throw this directly in the trash bin,and do not pass go! 

At first look,the tube looks like it belongs on a model's table,but pull out the wand and the formula is thick,and gloppy. See how it sits at the end of the brush? When you try to apply it, it also smears on your lashes. If you already have long lashes,like I do it will hit your brow,and leave little black marks, since the formula goes on wet. 

Now, what makes this wet, is that it contains olive oil,but the problem is, it doesn't dry very well.It makes it almost impossible to use on your lower lashes,and in the heat, it makes you have raccoon eyes. 

This doesn't hold up at all. One little inkling of sweat or humidity,and hello black rims. What makes it so thick is that there is a combination of waxes(supposedly for flexible coverage?)

I've tried wearing this a few times, just to see if maybe it might work, but every time I've used it, I've had the same results. For $19, there are way better brands out there.This one goes directly in the waste basket in my bathroom.

Sorry Smashbox, I truly love your eye shadows,but this product is a total fail. Another reason why it doesn't work,is that once it does smear,it is impossible to wipe off. Go figure. I've tried this with lash primer,and without,and it is,at least for me, not wearable. 

Have you tried this? What was your opinion? Any tips to share? 

Have a flirty Summer!

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