Jan 27, 2010

Brush Up On Beauty- Makeup 101 Part 2

You Make Me Blush-
Ladies, when it comes to blush brushes, throw away those little tiny brushes that come in your compacts and invest in a great brush,a harsh stripe is all you will see if you're applying your color with one of those pre-packaged minis.

The best blush brushes come with a soft dome shape to allow color to be applied to the center of the brush for a soft sweep across your cheekbones.

Try to aim for a high quality brush,one that is not made from nylon. Pony hair,tipped goat hair,or 100% goat hair offer the smoothest applications and again need not be expensive. I was able to find two that range in price from $46.00 for a Nars Blush Brush to a Lorac Brush for $26.00

Again, Sephora has their own professional brushes, which I happen to think work great,and can be bought separately. An angled blush brush is $28.00

The staff at Sephora is always ready to assist and can show you the best way for you to achieve a natural look and the best brushes to get it.

You can find everything from concealer brushes,to foundation brushes,to powder brushes,and yes, if you want to set your makeup for a smooth last all day look a powder brush that picks up soft translucent loose powder is your best bet.

Happy Hunting!
Until next time~

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