Feb 5, 2010

BellevueGrl Says...."Let's Talk About Love"

Ah February,and Valentines Day is a week away..What to buy for that special someone that holds your heart? BellevueGrl is here with some great ideas you both will love.

Guys,Women love flowers.They may not admit it,but we are secretly jealous when we see all those pretty bouquets coming in from all the little florists trucks all around town. Valentines Day is the perfect time for roses..but red is cliche. Try something different,like peach,orange,lavender,or something unexpected like white. A simple long stemmed white rose speaks volumes on it's own.very romantic.White is the symbol of purity,innocence,and friendship. forget the Mylar bouquets and opt instead for a beautiful white rose.place on a dresser,or bed,or next to a dinner plate and stir up a little romance.

Speaking of stirring things up...Try The Melting Pot. I'm a big fan of the Bellevue location thanks to an amazing waitress (Erin) that has made Valentines Day memorable for quite a few years now. The place is dressed to the nines for the big day,but this year is featuring a special dinner on Friday,Saturday,and Sunday night for it's guests. Roses,balloons,candles everywhere,cheddar cheese/white wine fondue,to stir up a great conversation,salad,main course,and to die for chocolate and liqueur fondue for dessert. you'll fall in love dipping marshmallows into rich dripping chocolate. It's a bit costly,but for the food and the experience it is well worth it. Probably one of the most enjoyable nights out,and one you will both remember.

Some other great ideas on my list-

Create a basket of pampering bath essentials. Start with a heart shaped basket,then add bath gel,body lotion ,a candle in their favorite scent,then add the surprise of a bottle of wine. Many shops like Cost Plus,or Whole Foods Market has a special isle designed for wine for chocolate lovers. try Crabtree and Evelyn for the bath items,Bath and Body Works,or the Body Shop.

Godiva-You can give a little of your heart without having to give up alot of ca$h...

6 pc Valentines Day Truffle gift box $15,True love Gold Heart $25,Valentino the bear $25,8 pc Valentines Day Ballotin $15

Let Love surround you this Valentines Day!

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


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