Jun 3, 2010

Emerald City Fashion Week Designer Dinner

Last Night I had the pleasure of dining with Jolie Etoile Poirier, one of the city's award winning designers at the Emerald City Fashion Week Designers Dinner held at Cafe Campagne.

 The evening was a fashionistas dream, with guests from 509 Wines,Appeal,Hermes,Emerald City Fashion Week and more.
Guests were treated to a full course meal and wine provided by Cafe Campagne,not to mention a decadent chocolate hazelnut terrine with orange syrup for dessert.

It was a treat to get to meet such a truly inspiring designer,one who has been wielding her trade for ten years,and who had brought a true touch of glamor back into her fashions,with a retro classic style of the old Hollywood days of 1940. Think Marylin Monroe,Rita Hayworth,Betty Page glam and you will have an idea of the beautiful creations that inspire Jolie. One of her dresses took over 70 hours to sow on beads and Swarovski Crystals by hand. Truly a labor of love,and the results speak for themselves. Her designs are breathtaking and fresh,much like Jolie herself.

Special "Thanks" to Cafe Campagne,Emerald City Fashion Week, Flavor of Seattle, &Dauber Art for an evening to be remembered.Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts


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