Jun 26, 2010

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The woman known as Cartier's "Panther"

Who doesn't love a great story? Especially one about fashion,jewelry,the great fashion and design houses of Europe,and a scandalous love affair....

I was recently browsing at my local Barnes&Noble and came across a fascinating story....

Now I know that technically this isn't related to anything local,but in a way it is, if you happen to love jewelry.

Earlier this month Cartier launched it's new Panthere de Cartier collection. Diamond and sapphire studded cats,inspired by the fiercest "Cat Lady" of them all Jeanne Toussaint.
Madam Toussaint was the most influential female jeweler known,and was appointed Cartier's Director from 1933-1978. Having been the object of desire for Louis Cartier,she soon became an icon in Paris. She chose most of the famous designs that you see today,using large cats,for rings,bracelets,brooches,and necklaces.
The now world famous collection was actually named after her. She was nicknamed "The Panther" by Louis Cartier, as every new idea had first to be submitted to her cruel,often unnecessarily harsh judgement. She was a woman of exquisite elegance as imaginative as she was demanding. Designers and Master jewelers were in awe of her. One can only imagine her walking the streets of early Paris as La Panthere was always on the prowl.
Very little is written about her in English,but I did come across a new book that was written about her life in French,by Stephanie des Horts titled "La Pantere" and if you are able to translate French, it is an intriguing story. There is also a brief article that is featured in the UK edition of Harper's Bazaar.
The pieces can be seen online and in select boutiques (Neiman Marcus Shops at the Bravern ) also see http://www.cartier.com/boutique/united-states-of-america/washington/bellevue#/show-me/collections

"Hello Pussycat"

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