Nov 27, 2010

Creating A Storm

I don't usually do step-by-step tutorials on my blog, but thought that I would try, just this once to see how it looked. I want to keep my blog fresh, with new ideas, and try hard not to copy other peoples if this looks bad, we will just chalk it up to an "oops" moment and go on.

I decided to play with Cargo Lumiere's Du Mode, a beautiful holiday palette that includes some glittery shades of eyeshadow,and a blush/bronzer combination. These shadows are perfect for creating what I like to call "The Stormy Eye" since this uses color instead of the usual black or gray shades.
For my look, I used the teal blue and ice white shades pictured here,and a hint of silver gray shadow to blend it out ,along with just a little bit of shimmery pink eyeshadow along the outer corners of the eye. (NYX)

First, I used a bit of primer on clean eyes, then using a large fluffy brush, I swept the ice white shadow across my lid, I then used a smaller brush to add color,using the teal blue shade. This showed really glittery in the palette, but went on like a matte.  

I then used just a hint of soft gray shadow in the crease, and lightly brushed on a bit to pink shadow to highlight my brow bone. I lined my upper and lower lids with Urban Decays 24/7 liner in zero, and then just a dash of mascara (lights,camera, lashes by Tarte)in black. To finish the look and add just a hint of over-all shimmer I then dusted "Allure" by Motives onto my lids. The look is drop dead diva gorgeous,just the right amount of shimmer without being overdone.
The look is easy, and took me about ten minutes to create. Pair this with a beautiful teal sweater dress,or a gray cashmere sweater,and you're good to go!
Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts

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