Nov 9, 2010

"Sea" Real Results

This is week two of my trial with H2O Plus and their Sea Pure skincare collection.

I am happy to report that  my skin has never looked better. There has been no reaction to the cleanser or moisturizer, such as breakouts or redness,and my skin looks firm,well rested, and flawless. Dark spots have all but faded and my makeup goes on beautifully in the morning. I am really happy with the results,since I have sensitive skin,and find that changing products sometimes can result in upsetting the balance of my skin.

I am using all of the Sea Pure line, and have been using the gentle skin polish (facial scrub) twice a week. You can still take advantage of the special savings offered to the readers of my blog. Simply head over to from now until November 20th to save $10.00 off your entire H2O Plus purchase of $30.00 or more,just enter promotion code 100275 at checkout.
Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


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