Nov 20, 2010

Harry Potter And The Real World

Sorting hats,and Gryffindor scarves,walking sticks and a guy dressed as Snape greeted those who were lucky enough to purchase a ticket to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows at Crossroads Cinema in Bellevue.

 A question crossed my mind, and I wondered how relevant HP was in the real world. In an economy where money is tight,and jobs are scarce,Harry Potter is the perfect escape and is still very much alive.The theater began seating at ten,just to avoid a large backup of people in the lobby and outside.

While the crowd was mostly made up of teens and tweens,there were a few of us "older" die hard Potter fans amongst the audience. The turnout was incredible,and it was so nice to hear the cheering for the characters,and the loud clapping when the movie started. 

The movie was sad,dark,and powerful. This is the darkest of the Harry Potter movies so far. I say that because it is mainly about Lord Voldemort,and finding the very last of the horcruxes. Yep, I can hear Voldemort laughing.. "It's all about me,me,me"!

 For those of you wondering, yes it was very close to the book. Something that every true HP fan will appreciate, because quite frankly, they murdered the last movie Half Blood Prince by leaving out some key scenes and clues,and just skipping past the really big scene with Dumbledore's funeral,which in the book was apparently a white tie event..Grin (read the book,sorry for the pun) This movie covers the first 25 chapters of The Deathly Hallows very well,and incorporated all of the spells,and key points you needed to know.

As a long time Harry Potter fan, I can say that I walked away with a feeling that the finale was going to be amazing, can't wait for next year. I was happy that they stayed true to the book series on this film.I believe that fans will be satisfied in the conclusion of this great adventure.
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