Nov 3, 2010

Under The Sea

The sea holds the key to some pretty amazing creatures,but it is also home to some fantastic plants and botanicals. This is the science behind H2O Plus.

 H2O Plus' Sea Pure line is created with the power of the sea and holds the power to heal, protect and renew. This Chicago based company focuses on infusing all of its products with sea elements and marine extracts.With the launch of this new product line, H2O Plus will soon have its entire collection composed of 100% natural products. Not very many companies can boast about that.

I recently received sample products from BeautyStat to review,but my review is my own objective opinion,and should not reflect on BeautyStat in any way.
Products in the Sea Pure Skincare Collection include:
Sea Pure Creamy Facial Cleanser- Features H2O Plus' new blend of youth-renewing science fused with powerful marine ingredients to replenish and nourish, keeping skin healthy and young. Scented with oranges and citrus,a treat for your senses.This was my favorite of the collection. Smells like a bushel of fresh picked fruits,yummy!  Rinses away makeup completely,no residue. $20

Sea Pure Gentle Refining Polish- An exfoliating polish enriched with bamboo extract and hydrating sea moss which effortlessly reveals skin's natural glow. This is an amazing facial scrub! Gentle enough to use every day. I just tried this out for review purposes, but would generally use this once or twice a week with my ultra sensitive skin. $30

Sea Pure Renewing Prep Tonic: This tonic refreshes and readies skin to receive moisture. Full of essential citrus oils, including grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange, as well as aloe extract, the Renewing Prep Tonic smooths fine lines and energizes skin. The best part, is that you don't have to use alot on your cotton ball or pad.$18

 Sea Pure Hydrating Lotion SPF 15: This smooth SPF lotion goes on as easily as water and protects the skin both under makeup and on its own. Its silky,and has a lightweight feel.  $40
Sea Pure Deep Moisture Cream: Emollient coconut and jojoba oils mix with marine-cultivated ingredients to help replenish and balance skin as well as deflect aging free radical damage. This cream can be used as a daytime remedy for dry skin, or as a naturally nourishing night cream. This felt like whipped cream on my face. Initially, I didn't care for the consistency,and it felt a little heavy for my skin, but once it sinked in, it left my skin feeling soft and fresh.If you use it in  the morning,allow this to sit a bit, then apply makeup .$40

Sea Pure Perfecting Eye Cream: This eye cream fades the look of fine lines and refreshes firmness with marine-derived ingredients. The antioxidant-rich sea mayweed hydrates all of the  delicate areas around the eye.Who doesn't love a  little line "eraser"? This is very rich,and a little goes a long way. dot under eyes and lightly, pat in. $32

I loved this set,am looking forward to "Sea-ing" great results. I also received 3 mini samples of  Sea Results line mender, a little "extra" treatment for those pesky fine lines (spelled crows feet),Sea Results  deep sleep recovery cream ,a "put your cares to bed" night cream that is infused with marine collagen, and  Face Oasis, a gel hydrating treatment. I personally would not use these on an everyday basis, but every now and then when skin requires a little pampering,I would use these to renew my skin. 
 When I woke up this morning, I noticed my skin felt softer,and a few dark spots had lightened,my overall skin tone was much clearer. Would I buy this for myself? The answer is yes!  I was very pleased with how my skin felt,and the fact that there was no reaction with my sensitive skin. (we've all been there..redness,itching,or worse, breakouts from trying a new product)
 As a reader of my blog,you can take advantage of a special promotion, and try these great products out for yourself. From November 1st until November 20th, you can save $10.00 off your entire H2O Plus purchase of $30.00 or more at  by using the promotion code 100275 at checkout.
 Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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