Oct 30, 2009

BellevueGrl Goes FanGirl

Just returned from Vancouver,BC from the U2 concert. Vancouver is a beautiful city,clean, people are friendly and it is amazingly modern downtown. Some of the most fabulous shops can be found there. I spotted a Burberry store,a St Johns,and a Max Mara (!) Now, these people know how to shop. also spotted ..Gucci
It was way too cold for my trip and the fashion of the day was mostly jeans,knee high boots and rugged jackets on the street.Saw some really nice North face gear out there,and there is a cool North face store downtown as well.
Special mention to the folks over at the Edgewater Casino for being so nice and letting us inside to warm up and serve us poor frozen fans coffee while we thawed our toes.....
U2 was incredible..This concert was so different from the past. Probably the most inter-active experience that I have ever had. It was as if they were playing just for us, not the typical "rock star" experience. I walked away with the feeling that U2 really cared about their fans and wanted to give them a more intimate look at themselves than ever before. The stage,the entire show was built around getting closer to the audience,and they succeeded in making it memorable.
This is a concert,that if you are lucky enough to get to see,may want to see twice. It was worth waiting five hours in the cold to get to be part of the inner circle. Bono was three inches in front of me.It was an experience that I will not forget,and I will be in the audience when they come back to Seattle again in June 2010
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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