Apr 6, 2010

"April Showers"

Drop the smoke and create a storm instead-
Flash those eyes in a different way by wearing a fresh new look for spring.

 Start with a shimmering soft pink base color like Stilas"Kitten" Eyeshadow (18.00 at stilacosmetics.com) or try Urban Decay Stardust Shadow in "Bobby Dazzle"  (20.00 at urbandecay.com)
Then layer varying shades of purple to create a beautiful "stormy" eye.  using the darkest shade for the crease.Finish with deep plum mascara . One to try is Urban Decays Big Fatty Colored Mascara in "Purple Haze" (17.00)  Rim eyes with a deep plum liner.

Another look to try is just a hint of Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Painkiller" over a soft silver or gray base.add to the outer corners of the eye and crease, line with a deep sapphire pencil and add deep blue mascara .Big Fatty Colored Mascara in" Indigo"( 17.00)and 24/7 eyeliner in "Deviant" (17.00)
Added plus.... If you have blue eyes this will make the color "pop"

"Create A Storm"
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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