Apr 5, 2013

March "Madness",Moving, and Southwest Style

It seems like forever since I've been on here! March was, in the famous words of Muse "some kind of madness" I recently moved back to my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, to be with family and boy,what a change it has been.

After living in Seattle for almost eight years, this girl is so not used to the strong desert sun! My eyes have to adjust. While I'm certainly not complaining about waking up to bright blue skies and sunshine, it does play havoc on the skin and your hair..so I am doing everything I can to protect my "Twilight" inspired fair skin,and keep my hair from drying out.

I made a quick trip to my local Whole Foods store and spoke with a gal in the natural healthcare and beauty department. I explained that I am used to alot of moisture and that my hair is now getting very dry. She recommended a great conditioner from Desert Essence that would nourish my hair with coconut oil,shea butter,and sunflower oil.There is also a matching shampoo that contains organic jojoba oil,and olive oil. ($8.99) 
A little goes a long way, but wow, the results were amazing!  These were sample sizes, but I will be going back for the full size tube for sure!  For more information on this product, check out https://www.desertessence.com/store/coconut-conditioner

Anyone that is familiar with the Southwest knows that we are famous for our beautiful sterling silver jewelry. I'm not too keen on large turquoise pieces,but I do like well styled bracelets,rings and earrings. I wanted just a little something to embrace the culture out here,as most of my collection is vintage style, so I hopped over to a little gift shop and found two lovely items that I knew would be perfect with anything. These are from Da Vinci.

 Read more about their designs here: http://www.davincidesignerjewellery.co.nz/about_davinci_designer_jewellery.htm

I've been busy unpacking, and setting up my home. I hope to go exploring a bit in the upcoming weeks and tap into a bit more of the fashion and culture here,and will post as soon as possible.

Here's a little sample of the great food you will find out here...Yum! Red chile is so good! I am lucky enough to live right across from a great New Mexican restaurant called Monroe's. They've been a NM staple since 1962.

To new adventures!

Until next time~
Hearts and Hugs
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