Mar 16, 2014

"RASH" Decision

My sensitive skin can really get fussy sometimes, and every now and then I will get a rash or break out with hives depending on what my allergies decide upon.

Sometimes, just being around my two cats,or using a particular soap will cause a rash on my arm or neck.

I recently discovered a fabulous fix for these little patches of redness or bumps that suddenly appear from nowhere,called Skin Again Rescue

I have to admit, I was pretty amazed by the results,as my rash went away within a five minute time period ,and was just barely visible,enabling me to go to work and not have anyone notice that my skin had broken out.

Rash along my neck
This not only took the redness away, but it also stopped the itching and burning that you sometimes get when you have an allergic reaction to something.

This is also recommended for burns,insect bites and the likes as it helps skin heal quickly. It's fragrance and paraben free,as well as cruelty free,contains no dyes or harsh chemicals,and goes on easily without a heavy feeling.

After using RESCUE

As you can see, this worked so well that you couldn't even tell I had any skin upsets at all.

Five minutes after application

You can find this product online, here at

Rescue is sold for $38

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