Sep 22, 2014

In Praise Of Fashion's Night Out

Fashion Week is coming, and I cant help but reminisce about the now long gone Fashion's Night Out.I miss those days so much.

It was a "Project Runway" experience for fashion devotees. We got to meet the designers,hear  the back story on how their creations came into being. We got to see the craftsmanship,the bead work,we got to feel the fabric and the lace and buttons used,and we got a better appreciation of the hard work that goes into making a couture piece.

Over the years,I have met so many wonderful designers,that normally, I would never have had the opportunity to hear about if it wasn't for our local fashion shows and events.

I am grateful that at least we have a local fashion week to showcase this well deserving talent.

I still miss that up close and personal "hands on" effect.I wish they  would bring it back!

Are you attending Bellevue Fashion Week this year? If so, I'll see  you there!

Until next time~
Hearts and Hugs

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