Oct 13, 2014

Illuminessence By Seven The Salon

A little over two weeks ago I attended a wonderful style show as a guest of Girl Power Hour.
This is how hair is done!

Everything from the pre-show party to the finale focused on hair and fabulous fall fashion.

Beautiful Braided and Weaved Look

This ring from Forever 21 sparkled like the real thing    
A Very "Goddess" Like Model "Pre-Show" Those Braids!  
Another "Pre-Show" Look
Showcasing that hair is "an  accessory" that is meant to change with the seasons and styles,and indeed should be "worn" loud and proud just as one would wear a hat,a headband,or a scarf,Let it be part of you.

Everything from sleek and demure to the avant-garde was displayed along with a fun,playful nod to the currant fall outlook.
Demure..Not Quite..When She Turned Around,The Ponytail Had Graffiti On The Back
A Cool Day To Evening Look
Loved This Red!
Funky Mohawk
Some "Hot" Guy Style
A Little "Guy" Time
This Dress!

Thanks to both Seven Salon and Girl Power for choosing me as a ticket winner.

My Attendee Goodie Bag

Until Next Time~
Hearts and Hugs

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