Mar 5, 2016


When March winds blow,they can wreck havoc on our skin. Cold,rain,even stress can make our skin a little lack luster. Enter Ahava's Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 facial serum!

I couldn't believe how well this serum worked. I applied it right before bedtime,and while I was a bit skeptical,I woke up with skin that looked firm and glowing,as well as softer. It wasn't the makeup that made my skin look good,it was this product!

This wonderful serum is oil based using Jojoba Seed oil,along with AHAVA's special blend of Dead Sea minerals,that quickly takes care of sun,pollution and those too many nights without sleep,or those "at the club" nights.

My skin kept its radiance all day. I even got compliments from strangers.

 Nothing makes an old gal feel better than hearing how nice her skin looks! I will definitely be using this each and every night before bed. When something works so quickly to produce results,I'd be crazy not to.

The light floral scent was nice,and while the product felt like applying oil to the skin,it quickly absorbed and was really not greasy at all. My moisturizer slipped on,and my skin felt soothed right away.Thanks AHAVA!

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