Apr 29, 2017


I posted a portion of this the other day on Facebook,but knowing me,I had more to add to this story,and the writer in me simply had to expand on those ideas. It is a bit like an earworm,something just tells you to keep on writing.

On Life...

You never really know how precious and short life is until you are faced with almost losing it. People can tell you a million times,but unless you are forced to step into those shoes,we remain blind. Cherish those that you care for,tell them every day how much they mean to you. Find the words,the time,to let them know. Even if you feel silly.Don't waste a moment. Celebrate life,even if it's one small thing a day.Celebrate love,it returns what we give to it.Never take it for granted. Celebrate friends and family,because that is our greatest treasure.Take the time to "smell the roses" because you might not be here the next day to do so. Enjoy the wind in your hair,the sun on your face,the smell of the rain,the starlight after the clouds have passed. Find room in your heart to make others who are hurting smile,you never know whose life you may touch!

On Love:

Often,we are too afraid to accept love,as if we are afraid that the real thing would be our un-doing.We are afraid of the cost,of hurting someone,when instead we should be embracing that connection,that welcoming smile,the comfort in knowing that someone else will stand beside you through thick and thin,have your back,see you through your visions,and help you achieve your dreams. That uncanny connection is there for a reason.Trust it! If they haven't walked away through the tough times,they arent going to. They are a foundation,a sounding board,and a forever friend. When something is right,no distance,time,no amount of good times or bad will change that.

On Our Heart:

We are so used to rejection, so used to having people take advantage,that we almost accept that as a norm,that when we find acceptance,we are scared of it. What we dont see is that that person,or those people are brought into our lives for that very purpose of re-connecting our souls,our hearts back to the universe,bringing joy,laughter and purpose into our lives,inspiring us to think,often to think beyond ourselves,and to reach out to others in turn. At least the right person should do that,inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.

Compassion is always in fashion!

Until next time~
Hearts and Hugs

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