Feb 9, 2011

Seeing Spots

I was at my local shopping center,and thought I would browse the nail isle. Everyone is talking about the latest and greatest manicure looks out there for spring,and one of the most popular trends is the Minx nail designs.

Often this process can cost up to $50 or more depending on what type of design you are looking for. You'll see ladies sporting cool zebra,tiger,flowers and more on their nails. It can take alot of time, and requires a UV lamp.
Quite a few companies have decided to try to duplicate this look and have launched their own brand of nail foils, and  press on polish tabs.  I happened to spy the cute Broadway Nail Dress kit,and thought I would give it a try, just for fun.The price was right, $5.99,plus there was a $1.00 off coupon on top of that, so for $4.99 I thought, why not?

 You get 28 strips in a pack,and a little nail smoother/file. You basically peel the foil off,which is made fairly easy,and apply to clean, dry nails.The trick is making sure you size these correctly. they should fit just slightly above the cuticle and extend just a bit beyond the tips.you then will want to smooth these out with the pink side of the nail tool,and file off any excess.

 Now, I will tell you that it does take a little patience. work from pinkie to thumb. You can even trim a bit with a small pair of cuticle scissors, if needed. I loved the look after finishing my first nail,and the whole process took less than half an hour to complete.

What they don't tell you: They do state on the box to use a top coat. What they forgot is that it is IMPERATIVE. This basically helps to seal the foil to your nails,and prevents it from lifting,as well as preventing normal wear and tear at the nail tips.
*** HINT**** Wrap the top coat slightly under your nail edges when applying, it will really make these last. I used CHI Ceramic Nail Base and Top Coat,and even after doing dishes and cleaning, day 2 they are still going strong,no peeling. 

It was so great to be able to get the Minx look without paying the big price tag. Will you be trying these??? Would love some feedback on it if you do. There's a pink and orange tiger print calling my name!

Would I buy these again? Yes, I thought they were great fun, and they are perfect for a "Night on the Town" look. I wasn't really sure how well they would wear, but was very impressed with the fact that they didn't lift after exposure to water and cleaning, etc.

They look very professional,and very much like someone spent hours on my nails. Another tip is to make sure you size these correctly. They should fit just slightly above the cuticle,and cover sides of nails completely.

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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