Sep 3, 2011

Ode To A Cupcake (Or Two)

As you know,every now and then,I stray from the beauty and fashion world,and cover a story on a great local business that I have discovered. It's my blog, I get to do that! Lol!

I simply had to share with you, a delightful cupcake shop that I have had the pleasure of visiting quite a few times.

There are lots of cupcake shops and bakery's in Bellevue,but the quality and variety is what keeps me coming back to one in particular,not to mention the friendly and fun staff.

What sets New York Cupcakes apart from the rest is that they are consistently good.They don't taste like the mass market brands you see everyday. These cupcakes are "hefty".. they are filled with buttercream,carmel,fruit,or marshmallow,and topped again with sweet, real, buttercream frosting. This isn't the air whipped kind. This is the real thing. Just like your Grandmother used to make  from scratch,and when you were a kid, used to beg to lick the spoon kind of frosting.

No matter which creation you choose, they somehow always manage to taste like they came straight from your very own kitchen.

I'm in love with several;from their wonderful all vanilla "Pure Bliss" to their "Orange Dreamcicle",along with their perfect "Long Island Lemon".

Each and every one looks handcrafted with love and a pinch of pixie dust.

New York Cupcakes  is also extra special to their facebook fans,and have almost daily deals and specials.If you're not a fan, you should be!

Find out more by visiting their website at

Once you taste these,you'll be back again and again.

New York Cupcakes is located at the Crossroads Shopping Center right next to Common Folk in Bellevue.

Good taste is oh so "fashionable"

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts,

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