Aug 30, 2011

Heavy Metal

The past few days have been noticeably cooler! Fall is on it's way, and the trees are starting to show patches of golden leaves.

With all of the blustery weather, I started thinking about some great nail looks for  my favorite time of the year.

One of the transitional shades is a graphite from Spring. We'll still be seeing lots of grays,silvers,and deep greens this Autumn,along with plums, browns and retro patterns from the old glam days of Hollywood.

I had a bottle of Estee Lauder's Wild Storm on hand,($19) and decided to play. The color looks so intriguing in the bottle,a shimmery almost mercury like shade. I was a bit disappointed with the overall application of this shade. It took three coats to get this color on my nails. The first coat was thin and streaky,even with a good top coat. The results were a pretty satin gray shade,almost like the finish of a gift package ribbon.

However, the shade, just wasn't for me. It was flat, with no frost, not quite a cream, and just sat there. I really didn't think that it would last long;and so I reached for my crackle polish to amp up the finish a bit.

This actually wound up crackling in a very delightful way! What I was left with was an almost "python"finish to my nails that is cool, catches the light,and gave my plain-Jane polish just the right kick it needed to catch your eye!

Don't be afraid to play with color if it isn't the look you want! Try adding one of the new crackle polishes on top to give it a new dimension,or try adding a stencil or applique to make it interesting.

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts

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