Aug 4, 2011

"Mint Condition"

I just tried this look earlier today,and loved the cool ,frosty, mint green hue on my eyes. I added a pop of green to my inner corners to give it a modern,shimmering effect.

I basically just used shadows that I had on hand, so anything that matches will do.

First, I applied the light white-green shade from Maybelline New York in the Emerald Smokes compact (#08Q) all over my lids.

Then used Mac Enviably Fun a yellow-green to my lids,followed by the mid-green shade from Maybelline in crease, and the darker shade as liner for both upper and lower lashes.

After applying lots of black mascara, I then simply added a bright mint green to my inner corners of my eyes to light up the look.

This is a simple, and stunning look for a red head, and looks cool and classic on a hot summer day.

For evening, you can darken the effect by adding an emerald green eyeliner, or try a shocking turquoise to light up the night.

Smooth as a mint julep on a summer night!

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts

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