Aug 2, 2011

Congratulations Dear..It's A Dud!

Have you ever purchased an item because a "well known" beauty guru recommended it, only to find out that when you got home,and tried it out for yourself that it didn't work at all?

I have a few times,based upon the product. When I went to my local Target, there were only two cans left on the shelf,so I thought this had to be great if it was selling out so fast. Who wouldn't want to make their style look a bit more shiny? Sun kissed hair.. I'm all for that!

What did you do? Did you take the product back? Did you store it underneath the sink,or did you toss it? What was the product?

 Here is my "dud". This was supposed to make my hair shiny as I spritzed it on while styling. All I got was sticky hair. I kept looking at the directions to make sure that I was using it correctly, I was.. Ug! How frustrating.

Toss this one, and forget it. If you have tried this, let me know what your results was. I wasn't too impressed.

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts

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