Jul 31, 2011

Purple "Reign"

It is a lush,silent, green world out there this morning. Rain is falling softly and I can smell pine in the air.

It's a perfect day to wear misty,muted colors,and so here is my look for the day.

This was based on a friends bold purple inspiration, but I chose softer shades of pink,gray, and purples,using Urban Decay.

First, I lightly dusted my lids all the way up to brow bone with "Grifter" a sheer pinkish purple.

I then applied "Flash"  to the crease,and using a pointed brush, also applied along upper lash line. For my outer corner, I added a dark gray and slightly swept under my lower lash line at the edge of my eye.

I applied black mascara,lined my inner waterline with black liner, then swept on a plum eyeliner under my bottom lashes for an extra dash of purple color.

I love how this shade makes my eye color pop!

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts

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