Aug 16, 2011

Orange "Creamsicle" Nails

Do you remember the old summertime favorite,the orange creamsicle? It always tasted so good on a hot summer day. Cool Orange sherbet, mixed with creamy vanilla ice cream all frozen straight from an icy cold freezer... Yum!

I've discovered a way to bring a touch of that cool, creaminess to your nails.

Here, I used Nars in "Orgasm", a beautiful peachy-orange shade. This hue is gorgeous on it's own. I love how the color applies. It is very smooth, goes on without streaking, and dries quickly to a soft finish. ($17)

Then, I applied a sheer coat of crackle finish nail color from Sally Hansen in Fractured Foil, a silvery, almost icing like effect was achieved.($6.99) The two shades went together perfectly to create my look.

The trick to making "Crackle" nail polish do it's magic is to make sure to use at least two coats of nail color, and make sure it is completely dry. That means waiting a few minutes between using the crackle color on top. Apply only a thin coat. Please note, sometimes these shades do have a tendency to thicken in the bottle if you let them sit awhile. It is perfectly okay to add just a drop or two of nail polish thinner to the bottle then shake to mix. You can find it at your local salon, or at Sally's Beauty Supply.Finish your look with a fast drying top coat to protect against chips.

As you can see, the finished result is a chilly orange with silver icing effect that is perfect for day or night.

Ice cream... anyone???

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