Aug 12, 2011

Musing About Fall

Every year, right before the major magazines launch and fashion week frenzy begins, I predict which fashions and beauty items  will be a hit.

Most of the time, I've come pretty close to guessing the trends that will carry over from the cat walk to the streets.

So below, here are my picks for a fabulous fall.

Once more, we will see a return to color. This time with shades of deep green,bright blue, red,eggplant, and soft sable browns in outerwear. Coats will be the main staple for fashion this year,teamed with lady-like handbags and patterned or pleated totes in soft leather.

An example of whats to come ,can be seen in the upcoming designs of Coach.

I'm happy to see that they have brought back a more detailed look to their handbags and accessories.Please see :  for more details.

Trousers,will once again be seen, this time in soft, flowing fabrics,with a wider leg than what we are used to seeing. Think silk,chiffon,even a soft wool,but movement will be key. These will be paired with tailored jackets,and jewel toned blouses.

Leopard, and jungle prints will be back on the streets with sleek shoes,and boots,as will soft brown suede.

Even nails will look fierce with shades of cheetah,and zebra.

Jewelry will be bold. The cuff bracelet still taking center stage. We will also see a return of the retro brooch,and monogram (signet) rings and necklaces. This will mainly be due, in part, to the upcoming "Twilight" craze, a nod to Victorian style.  Hairclips,bracelets,and old fashioned style will see a comeback,especially during the holiday season.

Navy, will not replace black. Initially, we may see a brief show of navy in dresses paired with tan shoes, but black will stay the favored piece du jour.

I'll be back with my beauty picks. *Hint, Green is back!

Until next time~

Hearts and Hugs

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