Oct 4, 2011

"Chill Out"

When I was asked to review a new skin care product for Beautystat, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I have rather fussy skin, and have spent alot of time trying out products to find the perfect balance. I was curious to see what a moisturizer called "Zen Attitude" would do for my sensitive,porcelain complexion.

Dr. Jules Nabet has created a line of skincare products that recently launched in France, and has now made it's way to the US. This particular product was developed with "older" skin in mind and is geared towards reducing environmental stress from the skin, such as pollution,dehydration,temperature changes,etc. If you're on the go,this is the perfect cream for you.

Now again, here comes the "skeptical" part. Reading the ingredients, I learned that it contained yam.. Yep, that feeling of putting anything even close to sweet potatoes on my face made me cringe at first. It conjured  up butter,marshmallows, and brown sugar, and yeah, that bright orange baby food mess. But when I first put some on my fingers to use, I soon got over that , and loved the overall texture and feeling.

The product comes in a tube,it is fluffy and light, with a very pleasant,clean fragrance. Not at all greasy or oily.

It contains Soya and Yam that is supposed to have pyto enzymes (that protect against aging) and it is blended with vitamins F,and E,along with Siberian Ginseng that help to "wake up" your skin, and give it a radiant look. It's like a cup of coffee for your face.

The instructions are to use this both day and night,and to apply during periods of stress to your skin. So if you are traveling,on the go, hoping from place to place, this is a great way to relax your skin. Just the name in itself "Zen Attitude" would make me reach for it.

My assignment was to use this for two weeks, then report on how I liked it. My first few days I noticed my skin looked less tired, and by that I mean more refreshed. it absorbed quickly.  By weeks end, I noted that the results were only temporary,similar to the effects of other products on the market containing caffeine, and that after four or five hours,one would need to reapply to get the same "refreshed" look.

After using this for a little over two weeks, I really didn't see any anti-aging benefits,although I have good skin to start out with. For me, it was a little too rich,but I feel it would be perfect for someone who needs a deeper moisturizer for their skin. As mentioned above, this would also ideal for jet-lagged skin.

Is it worth it? For me, no. The reason is that I can achieve the same results with my current products, and the price of $69.00 just doesn't justify itself.


BeautyStat has provided me with this product sample,a complimentary new skincare product from Dr. Jules Nabet Skincare as a way of compensation for my time and the review. However, all opinions are my own after personally testing this product myself.

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Visit Dr. Jules Nabet's website at:http://www.drjulesnabetskincare.com/Zen-Attitude-Cream_p_11.html

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