Apr 23, 2012

"E" Is For Eyebrows

Being a red head has it challenges. One of them is finding the correct shade of eyebrow pencil or powder to shape your arches.

Brown can be way too harsh,depending on the color, and blonde somehow is way too light unless you are a strawberry blonde.

I've tried several brands, and of course, the one that I loved most is no longer available,so when I saw Maybelline's Master Shape Brow Pencil on the shelf, I was over joyed to see that they actually had one in auburn! 

The pencil sports a smooth edge along with a great little brow brush that keep those little pesky hairs where they belong. This is perfect for coloring and matches most red haired shades well.

You can find this at your local Target,or at your grocery store in
the cosmetics isle. ($5.99)

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