Oct 28, 2012

"Hands Down'' (The Best Hand Cream)

I have been a fan of L'Occitane for years. They have always been known for their fabulous face creams, hand creams and shampoos. I had been introduced to these outstanding products on a business trip to San Diego many years ago.

 The hotel that we were staying at exclusively stocked nothing but L'Occitane products;everything from shea butter body lotion to soap to shampoo and conditioner.

I was amazed at how supple my skin felt, and how my hair just loved the extra moisture. When I returned back from my trip, I quickly searched to see if there was a store nearby and was delighted to find out that there was a local shop just minutes away.

Have you tried this wonderful shea butter hand cream? I am in love with how moisturizing it is.. I've tried alot of hand lotions out there and "hands down" this has to be the best on the market..You'll love it too!

This tube of hand cream is $10.00, but right now there is a great sale going on called "Hugs & Kisses" that pairs the hand cream with a matching lip balm for $19.00

There's limited edition sets in Mango,Rose, and Date, as well as their original scent.There's even an ultra rich body cream for $22.00

Check it out at: usa.loccitane.com

I keep a tube by my bed and in my purse to soften and heal my skin. This is fabulous protection from wind and cold.

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