Jan 21, 2013

Gray Skies

The weather in Seattle lately has been a bit bizarre. Cold, below freezing temps at night and barely into the mid thirties during the day,with dense fog often lasting well into the afternoon and creeping back in later in the night.

We have been pretty much experiencing this type of routine for a little over a week now. It looks like something off of a "Dracula" movie set.

Billowing fog almost from dusk till dawn. Reminds one of Transylvania.

Now, gray can be pretty, just not everywhere. A perfect example would be this lovely nail color by China Glaze. (Shown here is "Hook And Line")

This is a satiny smooth finish,very chic,and goes with everything from black,navy,red, or pastel colors.

Pair with jeans,a cozy sweater and scarf,and you've got a great look to chase away the chills of a cold gray day.

Find China Glaze at Sally's Beauty or at chinaglaze.com

Keep warm and cozy!
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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