Jan 19, 2015

Fifty Shades Fever

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is soon to be released, and already books,merchandise and beauty collections are being launched.

I recently picked up this mini nail shades kit at my local Ulta,and found the shades quite intriguing. (a little like the movie) I am not a big fan of gray,but these shades won me over little by little,and the mini set was an excellent way of trying out each shade available without having to pay the per bottle price.
OPI has always been one of my favorite brands because they go on smooth,dry fast,and resist chips and smears.

The set features 6 shades from the collection: My Silk Tie,Dark Side Of The Mood,Romantically Involved,Embrace The Gray,Shine For Me,and Cement The Deal.

My Silk Tie
Dark Side Of The Mood
These are perfect for adding a little nail art,stickers or for layering. I will be trying out My Silk Tie,with a bit of Shine For Me on the edges,and will update this post later.

Romantically Involved
Embrace The Gray
Shine For Me
The movie,Fifty Shades Of Grey hits theaters on Valentine's Day,and yes, I will be there to see it.

Cement The Deal
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