Jan 31, 2015

LUSH Godiva Shampoo Bar

I admit it, I am a Lushie! Well, not actually, but I am a huge fan of LUSH and visit my local one at Bellevue Square Mall on a frequent basis.

This was my very first time using a shampoo bar,and I loved it.My hair was soft,shiny and full of body,not to mention it smelled so yummy!! For someone with fine hair,having volume that lasts all day and even into the next day is huge. 

I believe this is the "caviar" of shampoos,and the scent of jasmine filled my bathroom and made it smell like a tropical oasis. I was so impressed,I left a review on their page,which I don't do very often.

I simply wet my hair and used the bar just like soap in my hands. The lather was wonderful and my hair rinsed clean with no problems.I'm a believer! This is a two in one bar,so no need to use a conditioner, there is nothing to weigh your hair down.

 I love LUSH and this will be another great addition that I will buy again and again.

 Even my cat is a fan of LUSH!

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Hearts and Hugs

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