Feb 5, 2015

Love,Fashion,And DVF

It isn't everyday that a girl gets to meet reality tv royalty,let alone a global brand ambassador,but today I was blessed with the opportunity to do both!

The House of DVF reality star,Brittany Hampton, made an appearance today at the DVF shop in Bellevue Square. I can certainly see why DVF herself chose this sweet,outgoing,well-spoken lady to represent her brand.

I teased her a bit about bringing the rain,and spoke with her about her experience on the show.Brittany herself is a designer, and is hoping to launch a line of her own,and was grateful to have had Diane as a powerful mentor,stating that she was such a "powerful voice" and role model for young women these days. I couldn't have agreed more! She is looking forward to having a hand in the selection of the next brand ambassador, which will happen during Season 2 of House of DVF,which is casting now!

 I got a personalized styling session with Brittany,who encouraged me to embrace my fair skin and red hair and to not be afraid to  wear bold colors to show off my eyes.So often we hide behind black and gray.
Brittany chose a wrap dress that would enhance my porcelain skin in shades of pink and purple,and I also fell in love with a laser cut emerald green dress,which was very hard not to walk out of the shop with! ( at:http://www.dvf.com/new-julian-two-mini-silk-jersey-wrap-dress/D779102N14_RUNWAY.html?dwvar_D779102N14__RUNWAY_size=0&dwvar_D779102N14__RUNWAY_color=CFLRD#prefn1=color&prefv1=Purple|Multi+&+Printed=&cgid=printed)  and http://www.dvf.com/zarita-lace-dress/D237301F15_CORE%2B.html?dwvar_D237301F15__CORE%2B_size=0&dwvar_D237301F15__CORE%2B_color=SPGRE#prefn1=color&prefv1=Green&cgid=cocktail

It might take a little doing,but those two dresses will be in my closet at some time in the future.

I am looking forward to seeing the new spring collection as it arrives at DVF in Bellevue.

 Thanks for hosting a wonderful event.
Until next time~
Hearts and Hugs

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