Oct 10, 2015


It's not very often that a girl gets the chance to get a personal recommendation from one of her favorite beauty and hair care teams,but that's exactly what happened.

I am a huge fan of the show Project Runway (yes, THE Project Runway,on Lifetime TV) and I love tweeting along with the Sally Beauty team,Mary Kay makeup artists and the show. I have even tweeted with some of my favorite designers on the show this season.

Thursday night,Sally Beauty and the wonderful Gregory Patterson (@GO Peterson) invited viewers to a Truth or Dare game about our hair. I shared that my hair woes were flat, non voluminous locks. In reply, I got a personal recommendation to try their brand of Volume Building Shampoo : "FaLL3nAng3L79 Voluminous hair starts in the shower! Try this #ProjectRunway 'IN' product: http://bit.ly/1Lqicaf  #SBrunway" and my tweet to them was favorited by the brand ambassador himself.

So,being the beauty gal that I am,I hopped over to my nearest Sally Beauty and found not only the shampoo,but a whole line of products made just for me! They are safe for color treated hair and made to pump up that volume!
 Better yet? most products are under $10.00 and I got a huge savings by applying for the Sally Beauty Club Card ($5.00 for one year) and you get a $5.00 off coupon next time around, so you can be sure, I will be going back to try out the other products like the root boost spray and the finishing spray!

Shown here: Ion Volumizing Shampoo ($6.49),Ion Volumizing Conditioner ($7.29) and Ion Volume Builder ($7.29)
I decided to try these out this morning and the results were like night and day!

 My stick straight hair was soft and full after blow drying.
When styling,my hair felt thicker somehow,and what blew me away was that even after covering up with a hood due to a Seattle downpour, my hair style held up and didn't go flat,my hair still felt soft and wonderful.
 Its been 12 hours and my hair looks just as good!

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Hearts and Hugs

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