Mar 2, 2017


On a recent trip to Black Raven Brewing the other day, I just happened to discover the most amazing product!

 Who knew that they carried anything other than beer? Right! (If you dont know about their beer,you must visit,it is so good!)

Black Raven Brewing in Redmond,WA

This Pepo Park Soap is natural and uses the spent grains from the beer made at Black Raven! 

This lavender soap smells so heavenly!  

The soap is made right here in Kirkland,WA,is carried by Herban Wellness in Kirkland,and Black Raven Brewing (Redmond,WA) and they even have a distribution showroom in Park Place in Seattle! Visit, The Handmade Showroom.

They also make lip balm,salve,salts and more! 

As you can see,the bar is a super generous size!
Please checkout their website for more details

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