Mar 7, 2017


It has certainly been wet and cold here in Seattle! It is a bit unusual for March,we have even been seeing some snow from time to time,along with thunder,and even a day (yesterday) where it snowed and the sun was out!

Mother nature has been up to her tricks. Either that,or someone bribed that old groundhog back in February to keep winter going on our side of the states.

Lately though, I have not minded the rain,It is as if somehow it has washed away the past,and I cannot wait to step out into the sun again in more ways than one.

Our lives get so cluttered,that we have very little time to stop and breathe.Often,we do not notice the things that are right there in front of us because our focus is elsewhere.

Sometimes,we are faced with having to take a leap of faith,to go for it! Our hearts say yes,but our brains stop us. Our brains try to protect us from perceived harm and that is where the negativity comes from. The "I can'ts ,the but what if's ,the need to dis-engage and distance ourselves. Fear is a killer of dreams. It keeps us from reaching our true potential,what we can have in our lives,vs what we are willing to just simply live with because that is what we are used to.

I wanted to feature these pearls today on the blog, because they were given to me by my Grandmother (They are from Saks Fifth Avenue,NY) where I grew up as a child. They have survived the years,a bit shop worn,but like us, they have endured.

Do you have some well loved pieces?

Until next time~
Hearts and Hugs

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