Apr 12, 2011

Be Kind To The Earth

Makeup is almost “second nature” to most of us. It’s the first thing we grab every morning as we head off to our jobs, our classes, or wherever. It makes our world a little brighter to put a fresh face forward.

Many of us have become aware of product testing and what’s actually in the products we are applying, and how they might be effecting our over all health and the environment. We’re reaching for greener choices, and reading labels, choosing products that are paraben, and petro-chemical free, as well as products that are cruelty-free (not tested on animals).

Read more about "Earth-Friendly" products in my latest review for Beautystat.com here:http://www.beautystat.com/site/makeup/review-giveaway-makeup-brushes-ecotools-for-earth-month-2011/comment-page-2/#comment-14833

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