Apr 30, 2011


Beauty gals love playing with products,so when the latest craze for nails came along, I couldn't help but fall victim to the urge to grab these and try them for myself.

Katy Perry created a stir when she performed "Teenage Dream", her nails were all the rage! Her minx like pink nails were somehow mixed with an amazing black to produce a somewhat shattered look. OPI Products managed to produce a nail lacquer called "Black Shatter" that created the same effect,along with a stunning polish called "Teenage Dream".

The polish itself is indeed a dream. A beautiful sparkly bubblegum pink with hints of iridescent glitter. When worn alone this polish is all girl. I loved how it looked on my nails.

But, when paired with Black Shatter, it became a fun, funky look that catches the eye. Black Shatter goes on over dried nail enamel,and looks a bit like heavy black nail polish. However, after it is applied, the polish "crackles" (it is cool to watch it evaporate and shatter) over the Teenage Dream. This creates an almost broken egg effect over any nail polish.
It looks amazing!

Grab this before it is gone. You can find Teenage Dream along with Black Shatter in most local salons. Glamour girls who live in Bellevue can find the collection at Pzazz Hair Design & Beauty Supply located at the Crossroads Mall Shopping Center. See www.pzazz.com for more info.

Tell me, do you love this look? Are you ready to get "shattered?"

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