May 30, 2011

Keeping The "Red" In Redhead

"Summertime, and the living is easy".. Well, sort of. Being a red head especially in the summertime can be hard on hair.

Deep Red
 Color fades fast,when spending time outdoors in the bright sunshine, and hair can get a bit dry. Over the years, I have been every shade of red there is, I think. from strawberry blond,to copper (which I love), to bright red, all the way to deep burgundy.

One thing's for sure, the key to long lasting hair color is to protect it from UV rays and damage. I have had great results with a few lines of haircare products,and am normally able to keep my color going for four weeks or longer by using them. (Yes, six weeks IS possible)

Strawberry w/Hi-Lites
Sometimes I color at home using either Garnier Hair color,or L'oreal Preference. I have found that these brands last the longest, with care, and condition hair the best. At the salon, my hairstylist uses Redkin. To keep my hair healthy, I usually time my cut and color all together, or color two days after a cut.
I strongly recommend using products that are sulfate free,meaning that there are no chemicals to strip hair color. My favorites are also from the L'oreal Haircare line. I use Ever Pure Shampoo and Conditioner. It is 100% sulfate free, and also 100% vegan. I also protect my hair with EverPure UV Protect Spray. A quick spritz,before styling protects hair from damaging rays. (and it smells wonderful! Rosemary and Mint infused) $8.99 at Target, and Walgreen's,most retailers. Shampoo $6.99
Another great product is from Aveda. Try their Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. This is a water -resistant spray that protects from both UVA and UVB damage. Infused with wintergreen and cinnamon bark oils ,and an

anti-oxidizing blend of green tea extract, certified organic sunflower seed oil and vitamin E. $26 Available at, and Aveda Salons.
Keep the blaze alive!
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